Dolph Ziggler Cashing In His Money In The Bank Contract At SummerSlam?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 13, 2012.

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  2. Well, since he's holding the case it makes sense that he hints cash ins in interviews, but I guess I could see him cashing it in then, yeah.
  3. I don't see it to be honest, it would mimic last year and be obvious.
  4. Where else would he cash it in though? It's the biggest Pay-Per-View until Survivor Series, I see him having the championship before that, and Summerslam would be a nice place to win it.
  5. Can world champions compete on the Royal Rumble?
  6. Yes they can, I remember there being world championship matches at Royal Rumble before, but would WWE really wait that long?
  7. I was talking about the RR Match, I was thinking about the World Champion winning it just so Ziggler could cash in on him afterwards. Just some random idea that popped into my head.
  8. :shock: No they can't compete in the Royal Rumble match since their World Championships are the titles they are looking to get. Other champions, including divas, are allowed to participate though.
  9. Yeah, I was pretty sure they couldn't but you never know. Stupid idea anyway. But I don't know when Ziggler will cash in, don't forget it may happen on Raw.
  10. Night Of Champions would be a fitting place to cash it in at, given the PPV name and all.
  11. I would be annoyed if he cashed in at summerslam. Although i definitely want ziggler to be champion i think all of us will agree it’s way too soon for him to win it. His character needs more time to develop until it’s believeable that he could be a WHC title holder. Right now I think he would just seem like a joke champion. He needs a lot more momentum and victories before he becomes champion. About him hinting on it. It’s his job to get people interested in the PPV and to give them a reason to buy it. Whether or not he cashes in i definitely think he and jericho will steal the show!
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