News Dolph Ziggler Continues To Push For A Match With Daniel Bryan At WrestleMania

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 28, 2015.

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  2. This is actually really dumb. lol
    I'm worried about Ziggler though since he'll have no one to compete with at Mania.
    They'll probably put him against Kane or Show. If they decide to put him against Barrett, that'd be really bad IMO.
  3. I'd rather have him win the IC title than have him go against Big Show or Kane :dawg:

    But yeah, DB vs DZ doesn't make a whole lotta sense if it's gonna be 'LOL, let's steal the show!'. Both of these guys deserve better.
  4. Nope. The IC title does nothing for him.
    I'd rather he face Big Show, Kane or something along those line until MITB where he wins it again.
    The only star other I would have in mind winning the briefcase is Ambrose or maybe Cesaro.
  5. Well, the post-Survivor Series push did pretty much nothing for him, so... In that case, whatever they throw at him, it's not gonna be really satisfying.
  6. Ziggler may be losing it. He is so damn sick of being so damn sick.
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  7. He was basically undefeated until he got screwed the following week the authority came back which is also when they fired him???
  8. Post-SS push? You fucking kidding me? SS was the only thing he got resembling a push. They didn't do shit with it after but seemingly intentionally halt his momentum
  9. LOL, I barely remember any of it. That's how memorable his 'push' was.
  10. I can't really see this being a thing really. Sure the match will be great, but the build up will be boring as hell with both of them as faces.
  11. That push at SS was sweet, but after that... Shit, pretty much everything went south.

    Well, except winning the IC title from Harper at TLC and then losing it to Barrett when The Authority came back is pretty much all I can remember about his 'push'.

    So yeah, they fucked up. I mean, who gives a shit about DZ. He's just a talented guy and is over as fuck with the crowd. That doesn't count in their book.
  12. Wouldn't have to be.
  13. You're right, Bryan heel turn confirmed and he'll bury everyone.
  14. Him winning the IC title was essentially a de-push after SS lol. He climbed higher than he had in WWE at SS, then they quickly knocked him back down to where they feel he 'belongs'

    as many a person has mentioned, Dolph was just keeping the seat warm for Reigns. That was obviously meant to be him at SS
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  15. face vs face feuds are fine if done properly.
  16. I completely agree here.

    Him regaining the IC title was a de-push, indeed. I feel like that 'push' he got at SS, it was all kinda to lure him into signing a new contract with them.
    Had Reigns been in that Team Cena vs Team Authority match, DZ would've been eliminated in a shitty way like Henry did, I assume.
  17. Ziggler going the JAWN SEENAH route and leeching. You can't blame the poor prick for angling for a match.
  18. I really doubt he is being serious or expects a match with DB. I think he is at his wits end with the company and talking shit on social media like always
  19. Sometimes Ziggler's Twitter account is more entertaining than RAW and SD episodes combined.
  20. but GOD FORBID WWe lets him put his personality on display in promos. Nah, fuck mic time, he doesn't need it. Just go job to someone less over than you with a fraction of the talent! That's your role here Mr. Ziggler.
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