Dolph Ziggler last night.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. This is the best promo I've ever seen him cut. Being with Foley helped him, Foley certainly hasn't lost his mic skills. Discuss.
  2. Was waiting for someone to post this, just didn't see it until now. The guy was magnificent. I actually preferred the way him & Mick stared down to the way Cena & Rock did. I saw that as a great moment, I'd love Ziggler & Foley to perhaps feud in the near future. He had real emotion in that promo. If CM Punk didn't perform a pipe_bomb later that night, it would have got promo of the night or sure. And when you're hanging around Punk & Foley that's not a bad title to receive.
  3. Dolph is going to be a phenominal competitor only if he drops the extra pounds next to him.....
  4. It's a bit early for him to drop Vickie he needs to prove he can get consistent heat by himself otherwise he'll be the next ADR.
  5. Also agreed (agreeing a lot with you already lol). Vickie may of helped him to begin with, but he's going to need to go solo. But how can he drop the weight without turning face? Just sort of wean her out? Appear sometimes without her, then appear more often without her and eventually he's just on his own without mention from anyone?

    @[seabs], I think it's the perfect time after the Rumble personally.
  6. I'd wait until after the road to wrestlemania tbh. I doubt Dolph will be in a major storyline till that time period which he needs to cement himself with the crowd.
  7. Perhaps, maybe he's destined to feud with Foley. That would help his career massively. Probably right, drop her after Mania' for a fresh Ziggler. Pretty sure he'll be able to get heat if he continues to provide mic segments like Monday night.
  8. Dolph Vs Foley would be epic. Especially in a hardcore match it would cement Dolph as it did Edge and Orton before him. I agree he could get big heat if he carries on as he did on Monday.
  9. Definitely, Foley loves putting people over aswell. Also, Foley I swear just brings out the best in people. He's still an absolutely phenomenal mic worker, his character gains sympathy so fast so you can get some pretty easy heat against him. Plus, a hardcore match with Zigglers selling ability and Foley's legacy would do Dolph wonders.
  10. I would like to see Ziggler turn face closer to Summerslam this year. I think Ziggler would be a great face.
  11. I agree with this. His selling ability alone could get him major sympathy from the crowd.
  12. Too early in my opinion. Let him be an Orton like heel for quite a while.
  13. No one could be equivelant to me when I was heel. I did it so damn perfect, and I sold so well. He'll be like a little sister to me.
  14. Ziggler is the best seller in WWE to be honest RKO :emoji_slight_frown: