News Dolph Ziggler possibly injured at live show.

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    At last night's WWE Live Event in California there was possibly an injury to Dolph Ziggler involving the referee throwing the "X" symbol up and blood.

    They had to finish the match quickly.. Dolph could not apply pressure to the leg and there was blood running down from his knee. He had to peel his boot down and the ref slapped on gloves because of the blood.


    Here's to hoping Dolph is going to be okay so that his push continues.

  2. Oh man. I hope he's alright, the last thing he needs is to be injured and lose this push.
    Speaking of injured IC champions, when is Barrett coming back?
  3. right on que to derail this push
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  4. Update: Dolph Ziggler suffered a nasty cut to his knee at last night's WWE live event in Stockton, CA. Reader Darren W. noted that Dolph was bleeding a lot and after his win over The Miz, he was checked on by a referee before walking to the back on his own. Darren noted that he saw Ziggler after the show outside of the arena and he was in good spirits.

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  5. I guess the bright side IMO is hearing that it's not another concussion.
  6. I'm glad he's alright! He's a great athlete and overall talent and deserves the push he's getting. I hope he holds the title for a while!
  7. Thought it was a concussion, since it's just a cut he probably won't have to be taken off TV or anything.
  8. Never know, it's WWE. They fined The Undertaker and Triple H $10,000 each because they used chair shots to the head. Not saying that's a bad thing, but a once in a while usage of the shot won't make anyone go Benoit.
  9. Um... what? :dawg:
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  10. what a wimp
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  11. He would probably fuck up anyone on the roster not named Lesnar or Swagger.
  12. Sucks to hear DZ's gone the DBry route once he won the championship and got injured. Hopefully he's alright.
  13. Every time this guy does anything remarkable his vagina bleeds.
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  14. Best of luck to him though. He's a good wrestler, just can't stand his voice/gimmick/etc.
  15. He should be fine. If this were the 80's he'd have worked another match the next morning or even that night.
  16. What's DB up to these days?
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  17. sounds gnarly, hate blood. I would of passed out and lost that belt at a live show. Maybe that was The Miz's plan all along? :willis:
  18. Punk could kick his ass
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  19. ignore listed
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