Dolph Ziggler proposal to AJ at house show

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  1. Anyone wanna see Dolph Ziggler propose to AJ at a house show in Cleveland, Ohio 3/3/13??? Ziggler is too funny make sure you watch the end lol

    Just go to youtube and type in WWE Dolph Ziggler proposal to AJ Cleveland Ohio
  2. Welcome to the site! Go up to the ramp and introduce yourself :emoji_slight_smile:

    The video's over here: but your thread did a good job bringing people in.
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  3. :lol1: Yes I loved it! It was a funny twist proposing to her asking if she would wear his pink wristband.
  4. Well it not 1st time and not the last for AJ! I SICK OFF HER! AND HER CRAZY GIMMICK! She can't wrestler so she a gm and now a manger! Why really good diva like layla, natylia, namome are being hell off the show! GET HER THE FUCK OFF TV! And get really hot/good diva wrestler on TV!
  5. Someone else from Cleveland... ? :otunga::obama:

  6. Yep 5min from downtown Cleveland.
  7. SORRY.... about your dammmmmmmmn luck
  8. what the fuck is a nanome
  9. It's namome....idiot! :pity2:

  10. Hahaha clown.... You diss on Cleveland when your avatar pic is a guy from Cleveland
  11. Flaming to commence in 3......2......
  12. Such a Bieber fanboy.

    But yeah, already posted and I cba merging, closed.