News Dolph Ziggler Re-Signs With WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 28, 2015.

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    So, apparently he's re-signed and all those rumors about him possibly going to either LUG, TNA or NJPW are false. Okey-doke.

    Hope there are good times ahead for DZ, though.
  2. What is LUG?
  3. Lucha Underground. A very fine alternative wrestling show to WWE, if you ever need one.
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  4. Thank you!
  5. I thought you only watched WWE exclusively.
  6. Not counting deceased promotions like WCW, I pretty much only did watch WWE up until about two months ago, which is around the time I decided to check out Lucha Underground. I've missed a couple of episodes and I've still yet to catch up on this past week's (though I do still have it recorded on my DVR), but otherwise, I'm a pretty casual viewer of their product now. I've even commented before in the LUG thread in the Indy sub-forum that Dario Cuerto is one of the greatest on-screen authority figures that there's ever been.
  7. Is LUG easy to get into for a WWE fan?
  8. Speaking for myself, it definitely is. It has a whole different vibrancy and atmosphere to it (which is a huge part of it's charm and why it's a breath of fresh air), and it has the two crucial things that any wrestling fan should care the most about: 1.) A tremendous in-ring product and 2.) interesting and intriguing characters. It also shoots its backstage segments to give them a more documentary feel to them, and Dario Cuerto is just an awesome authority figure who's always a pleasure to watch. Matt Striker and Vampiro are excellent commentators, too.

    If you haven't seen it and are looking for something new to dip your fingers into, it's worth giving a try. The episodes are only one hour long instead of the usual three that we have to sit or skim through when it comes to Raw every week.
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  9. I might just do that. :otunga:
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  10. I guess it's smart for Dolph to stay at WWE at this point in his career. Even if he's not gonna get to the main event.
  11. Dolph Ziggler Now Saying He Has NOT Signed A New WWE Contract

  12. Good for him. I hope he remains rigid in his stance.
  13. Just watched his promo last night and LOL. Fuck this Lana bullshit, such a cornball ass angle. beyond horrible
  14. Cornball ass? :hmm: now that's a DZ nickname that I think could stick.
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  15. Man, if you ever have the chance I recommend watching from the beginning to follow the angles, would love to see what you think bud. :otunga:

    I wish this wasn't a world with totally scripted promos, otherwise you just know he'd go full Christopher Daniels on this. "Fuck this angle lol, time to practice my stand-up skills woooooooooooooo"
  16. Off topic, but did you know it was actually CD, Kaz and AJ that first came up with the Claire angle? TNA apparently changed it but it was their idea to have a Dixie relative with drug issues or something. Or that AJ had cheated on his wife with her, something like that.
  17. Well, at least Ziggler will still be on WWE. Hope he enjoys it in the E still.
  18. Ight, they keep Ziggler, but they need better things for him still
  19. The blackmail angle was bad, but it was hardly the issue. The Claire actress herself was the issue. She was ugly and horrible at acting
  20. Yes, true. CD did point that out on the interview I watched where he says this, I was just pointing it out, really. I started watching TNA around that time so I caught the angle midway anyway, didn't make much of it myself.
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