Dolph Ziggler Reportedly Livid With Sin Cara Following MITB

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Source: lop
  2. Seems like a shared botch, I can understand DZ being upset as it could have cost him big time but it's pro wrestling these things can happen. Still taking this with a huge pinch of salt.
  3. Here we go, Ziggler thinks he's Orton. It's Orton/Kennedy all over again. I hope Ziggler knows he's just as equally at fault for the mistake.
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  4. So Ziggler who's barely made a botch in his entire WWE career just happened to do so when the most botch prone superstar on the roster was involved in the move.

    Sorry I know I'm ridiculously bias but Botch Cara was to blame for this one surely?
  5. Here's the video, 25 seconds in. It's a shared botch.

  6. He shouldn't complain like a bitch just be glad nothing bad didn't happen to him from that. If he wrestles Cara the next time and something like that comes close, then hell yeah the bitch is jealous of my push!
  7. Ziggs slips knocking Cara off balance.
  8. I saw this news a few days ago, but since I didn't see the botch I won't comment.
  9. Leo I posted a video two comments up.
  10. To be fair you can't tell if Ziggler slips or if Cara knocks him off balance, it's just with Botcha's record compared to Ziggler's he's the one who's more likely to blame IMO.
  11. That's the thing though, is Ziggler using Sin Cara's botch record as an excuse? we don't know these things.
  12. That's a fair point actually.

    Can I also point out that the source is very iffy and it's most likely a loady pish anyway.
  13. In my view Cara already was leaning backwards to do the move while Dolph wasn't even standing on the ropes, leading them to botch the move.
  14. Can't watch videos currently.
  15. Oh, yeah. You're saving bandwith. Does it look like you'll have enough for RAW?
  16. I think so, it's Friday, I still haven't received the warning that it's near the end and I turn off the Internet when I'm playing San Andreas which is a good part of the day.
  17. Good lad.
  18. Yeah, even if I'm able to save the bandwidth until then I need to hope to find a LQ stream and hope my Internet isn't bitching at the moment (sometimes it just stops working) so I can watch it... and it'll still freeze a little. It'll be the last Raw I'll have to watch like this though (I think).
  19. lol @ people insinuating this botch was perhaps somehow Dolph's fault, as if he is a less than perfect being.

  20. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:
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