News Dolph Ziggler To Be Re-Packaged?

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. We noted earlier that the reason Dolph Ziggler has been off WWE programming lately is because the company doesn’t really have anything for him. This is the reason why other Superstars aren’t being used as well.

    In an update, Bryan Alvarez mentioned on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Live that Ziggler will likely be re-packaged when he is brought back to WWE television. There is currently no word on what the re-package could involve but we will keep you updated.

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  2. They tried this when he was with Vicky and it lasted all of what, 2 weeks?

  3. He lo
    He looks completely Different with no hair! BRING BACK THE HAIR!:why:
  4. That is an old picture with his natural hair color lol

    I kinda figured Brown was his natural hair color.. Cause that blonde hair never matched the brown fuzz on his face. Lol
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  6. You ever see his brother Ryan? He would look awful as a blond. Dolph is the only one who can pull off that pee colored hair lolol
    His other brother Donald killed someone in a drug deal last year... Happened in Cleveland.
  7. Should have happened 3 years ago...
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  8. I didnt know he had two brothers..
    Awe, Thats sad.