Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. To continue the debate from the NWO Thread: Who's Better, DB or DZ?
  2. Yeah, I started that debate. DZ looks better.
  3. The man with the beard.
  4. DB is better as I stated in the NWO thread.

    But I'm not hating on DZ as I'm a big fan and see him going far just at the min I prefer DB and think he's currently a superior wrestler to DZ!
  5. DZ looks better in the ring, even though he oversells occasionally. DB however has the facial expressions that someone mentioned in the NWO and is a better wrestler IMO.
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  6. Bryan. Ziggler is damn damn good though.
  7. Ziggler feuding with Bryan would be epic.
  8. In terms of actual wrestling: Daniel Byran
    In terms of entertaining: Dolph Ziggler
    Dolph is a good wrestler, but he isn't as good as Byran who has a shit load of amazing moves, and Byran is entertaining, but he wasn't as entertaining as Dolph was during his match with Sheamus.
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  9. D'Z and DB feuding would be epic.
  10. Farooq speaks the truth. DAMN.
  11. If you let them loose and give them no limitations in the ring, Daniel Bryan is the better wrestler. A shitload of people inside the industry say he is the best wrestler in the world for a reason. Dolph Ziggler is very entertaining in the ring, though.
  12. Daniel Bryan. But not by as big a margin as he was before NWO.
  13. Like stated in terms of entertaining it's Dolph Ziggler however in the ring it's Daniel Bryan. They're both great competitors and incredible workers.
  14. It's close though. I don't agree with Ziggler's more entertaining. I think Ziggler's already on the same level (BITW) at selling, I don't buy the "oversells" bullshit. Ziggler I'd put in the top 10 best wrestlers atm.