Dolph Ziggler's Cash-In

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by True Warrior, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. When and Where do you expect Dolph Ziggler's MONEY IN THE BANK Cash-In? Raw?, SmackDown!?, maybe Elimination Chamber or even WrestleMania 29?
  2. I'm started to think that it's never going to happen.
  3. Seems obvious to me now that they're going for a big Wrestlemania 29 cash in moment with him. It'd be pretty underwhelming if WM came and went without him cashing in when there's no bigger place to do it.
  4. I've been feeling this way ever since the Royal Rumble. If he's ever going to cash it in I'd see it happening during one of the PPVs, either Elimination Chamber or Wrestlemania.
  5. If he does it at Elimination Chamber it will be a huge shocker but WM is more likely
  6. I think it'll be Mania as well..

    No bigger place for a man like Dolph to cash in.
  7. I believe it'll happen at WM. Possibly after ADR retains vs Mark Henry.
  8. They say Henry wins the Chamber and ADR beats him in a hard fought match at WM, where Mark may attack him after the match so Ziggler cashes in. Just wait :mad2:
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