Dolph Ziggler's new bodyguard?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Beware, it's a random heel turn.

    What da hayul?
  2. Seems very HBK diesel ish to me, the arrogant small guy show off coupled with the big silent bodyguard. Could work out actually let Mason get a few minutes in tag matches, whilst DZ carries it. I'd rather Dolph in the Main Event but this is better then nothing.
  3. This is from a house show it seems? Hopefully it's just house show fodder. The last thing Ziggler needs is that 350 pound anchor around his neck.
  4. So it's not just me that is pretty disgusted at the thought of this? Sure Mason is huge but why does Dolph always need to be aligned with someone? He's good enough to carry himself now. He can talk, he can wrestle. Push him on his own.
  5. They don't have the confidence in him sadly, it's a shame as he's got a great look ( before the internet warriors step up he's cut and obviously athletic so no you wouldn't take him) , one of the best heel wrestlers they have (Bryan doesn't really change his style heel or face) and can work a mic better then most.
  6. Maybe Mason Ryan can even out this insufferable feud with Brodus so they would stop completely burying Dolph.

  7. If it leads to Dolph ditching that feud and Mason then sure.

  8. So they go from facing each other on Superstars to being aligned? #wwelogic #houseshowfodder
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  9. This reminds me of the time Drew McIntyre was blowing kisses and exchanging googly eyes with men in the crowd at that house show and we all thought he would be adopting that new gimmick. I think they just throw a lot of shit at the wall in house shows and .01% of it actually sticks.

    That's as optimistic as I get. I will just hope this shit doesn't make a translation to actual WWE programming.
  10. Agreed with seabs, a HBK/Diesel thing could be awesome in this stage.
  11. House shows would be the opportune moment to try out gimmicks. If it works on a live crowd chances are it will work on the TV crowd.
  12. I will say this: A body guard role is exactly what Mason Ryan needs, so at least WWE is halfway right with this one. Just keep him the fak away from DZ
  13. Ryan can't wrestle, so a bodyguard role is the best idea. I'm not sure why Ziggler has to be involved with him though.
  14. They prolly see him as the next HBK, which is a good one imo.
  15. I think this random heel turn is just to give that Mason Ryan push again since nobody cared about him face either. But we need Ziggler not Mason.
  16. Well, that is good. As long as I don't have to see Mason wrestle and this helps push Ziggler, it's OK, I guess.
  17. lmao @ random HBK comparison.

    WWE also gave Tyson Kidd a bodyguard a couple of years ago, I guess they saw him as the new HBK as well?
  18. DZ does hold a lot of similar traits to Shawn, however when I mentioned the two I meant more in a storyline style similarity not in a performer one.

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  19. I believe there's a lot of similarities between the two. Dolph of course has to improve on some aspects, but he's one of the closest to HBK's style than anyone else on that roster.
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