Dolphins beached themselves but were saved...

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  1. Very cool video.. I wonder why they all came up to the shore like that?

    One guy was just having an ordinary day at a beach in Arraial do Cabo in Brazil when he spotted something odd in the ocean. As soon as he realized what was going on, he began filming immediately. A pod of over thirty dolphins were swimming straight at him. It’s hard to say why the dolphins swam straight at the shore, but they were about to get into a bunch of trouble. The dolphins became beached and were stranded. Luckily, a crowd of bystanders were quick to react and came to their rescue. Watch the craziness unfold before your very eyes in the video below.

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  2. Have you never seen that one Simpsons episode? THEY are coming
  3. Satan? I better start cleaning up.
  4. Suicide prolly
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  5. One of the dolphins was having a bachelor's party and decided he wanted to have an orgy with a human at least once before he got hitched.
  6. They were trying desperately to escape the wrath of Jaws.
  7. The rapists of the sea were looking to expand their turf. Looking for Brazilian bootay
  8. what a bunch of stupid ass dolphins. they deserved death. shame on these noob people for playing god. humans are so arrogant.
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