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  1. Now that DZ is the WHC, I'll re-assume my position as a diligent SD watcher. And yes, there was a point in time where I looked forward to SD as much if not more than Raw. Remember how swell it was? We had amazing fun storylines and good characters. From the development of the Hall of Pain/Henry's WHC run, to Daniel Bryan winning MITB and becoming the annoying little shithead we all love today and even a great feud between Christian and Orton (closest thing you'll ever see to Orton praise from this guy)

    Point being SD has a lot of potential. The wrestling is generally solid, but the show tends to be a little bland. Hopefully DZ is the spice this once watchable show needs to become relevant again. How did the debut show of DZ's reign go over? I'll tell you how



    Big E Langston--- I like the guy, but as Ziggler's lacky he gets straight 'go away' heat from me. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.. Ziggler needs... no no no.. Ziggler DESERVES to be a solo act at this point.

    Ziggs sounds like he lost his voice screaming last night. Interesting that he decided to touch on the fans cheering him; WWE tends to ignore heels getting cheered. Honestly though I hate that WWE wants to fight it. Ziggler begging people to boo him while they still cheer him is cringeworthy.

    Cracked voice or not, this is a great promo. Content & delivery. People who doubt Ziggs on the stick where you at homie. Unfortunately it couldn't just be Ziggler, because on SD every promo has to open as a clusterfuck. Zeb, Swagger come out to get zinged by Ziggler.

    Quick side note: Zigglers little quips on the mic are hilarious. ie: "What are you even doing here? This is our scheduled time" & when Swagger's music starts: "cut that.. stop the music". His tone and facial expressions are money.

    ADR congratulating Ziggler :adr: :yes:

    Alberto looks like such a gentleman in that sweater.

    Huge fuggin pop for Jericho, and not a SD pop. You can visibly see it. Jericho = most over babyface on the active roster.

    lol, I'm loving this Y2J promo but you had to cringe at the failed attempts to start "AJ's crazy" chants.

    Dolphins? is that what we are? damn.

    Really solid opening segment. Ziggler is consistent on the mic throughout and is allowed to shine. It also presents the audience with Ziggler's potential upcoming opponents, all three of which would put on a helluva show w/ Ziggler in a WHC PPV match.

    Also love that Jericho is going to be involved in a title picture to some degree again. His promo here felt like vintage Y2J, and his new rocker look with his fresh tats and neymar mullet is pretty fly lol.

    Overall both an entertaining and useful opening segment. Good start.


    Prime Time Jobbers vs Team Hell No

    My immediate reaction is that this is one of those matches I can't really get in to because you instantly know who will win. I'll give it a chance though.

    I really feel like the PTPs have been wasted. They deserve better than 45 second squash matches.

    Match Rating: 1/2 star

    I understand they only wanted to have a squash to set up the shield promo, but you could have done the same thing after a 10 minute tag match and not made Titus and DY look like assholes in the process.

    Also IMO a boring Shield promo. I'm sorry but they are getting super regoddamnpetitive IMO.


    Wade Barrett vs Santino
    Starts to remember why he stopped watching Squashdown

    WB just wrestled IMO his best match in WWE on Monday against Miz, and WWE follows up, striking while the iron is hot and WB might finally have a glimmer of hope of having a tiny bit of momentum.. by having him squash Santino. Oh boy.

    A match centered around Santino's inability to do a kip up. Simply enthralling.

    Match rating: *

    Boring match and I doubt it does anything for WB. Would rather have watched him cut a promo and talk shit about Miz and maybe start laying the groundwork for his next feud. Back to back segments I didn't deserve to have to sit through. #thankswwe


    Backstage segment

    FELLLAAAAAAAAAA. My favorite. Oh he's angry.


    JBL! JBL! JBL!


    man, fuck Orton. Fuck Sheamus. fuck Big Show. Can we ship this feud to Newfoundland?


    Divas? Not happening :laugh:


    Triple H segment

    And now I understand why we can't give WB or Team Hell No longer matches. The KING OF KINGS is here to BORE US TO TEARS. If you don't mark for 4 minute Smackdown entrances something is wrong with you. Oh shit. is he gonna? I think he might. OH FUCK. HE SPIT WATER. EVERYWHERE. huge pop as expected. Doubt those cheers were canned. Time to play the motherfucking game.

    His music fades and I quiver in anticipation of this sure to be epic speech. The crowd goes bonkers "TRiple H! triple h1 triple h!" Ass kicker is back? Is he talking or growling, both? YES! 3MB... I don't even. How dare they besmurge Triple H's segment. This is bold shit.

    I hope all 3 get pedigreed, but they will probably beat up HHH because it's 3 on 1.

    oh, here come Shield. Where are Hell No to scare them off?

    As far as pointless segments go, that one wasn't too bad.


    Big Show Booker T

    Big Show = beast. Walk out, do it tough guy!.. oh yet OK, Booker T just punked him out? what a pussy


    Potential Match of the Century Ginger/Snoreton vs the Big Show

    "working on that tender midsection of Orton" -Michael Cole. I giggled at that line. besides that, what a terrible waste of time.

    Match Rating: zzzzzzz


    Mark Henry segment

    Got to say, fuck this. Yes Henry plowing over Sheamus to save us from his terrible interview was nice, but they just laid the groundwork for Sheamus to go over Henry. After seeing that, I guarantee you it will happen.

    "it's not about strength it's about heart"-- AKA super Irish overcomes the odds of Henry with his great will and determination fella. Such bullshit and typical WWE spinning-their-wheels booking. Re tar dead


    Kofi Jobston vs Antonio Bossaro

    Good match, curious ending. Looks like Kofi will be ending Cesaro's US title reign. I'm fine with it if they build the rivalry up and don't do it too abruptly. Kofi is a mid card staple, so really nothing better for him to do.


    Raw Recap

    oh boy


    Main Event

    Why Fandango? alrighty then.

    Ziggler wearing the belt backwards. what a goddamn innovator.

    now Jericho is the original showoff, lol? He is the original everything.

    slow start to the match before the break, tbh.

    shit win for Ziggler, but expected. Better than what he usually gets for match outcomes.

    Rating: 2.5* TV match


    Overall rating: 3.5/10
    Anything Ziggler related: 8/10

    2 squash matches, a divas match, one short match that resulted in an upset and a so-so main event.

    also, anyone think we might get a 3 way Jericho/Ziggler/Fandango for the WHC at ER? would be kind of sick
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  2. Haha hilarious divas match not happening lol. Loved the nicknames
  3. Nice review. Yep, I think we'll get that, and that's dope. That 100% secures Ziggler's reign won't be a pitiful one month reign, and the match itself will be fantastic. I hated the fact that Dolph lost his voice on his first promo as champion, but it was still a sick promo.
  4. Just too bad about Mark Henry. Are you still convinced he won't job to Sheamus?
  5. Less so than I was, but I'm still relatively convinced. He just went over Ryback - who is now in the RAW main event - and Sheamus has no momentum. It wasn't actually this episode of SmackDown which lessened my assurance, but it's the way Extreme Rules is promoted by Sheamus' image, and that there is a whole promo based on his wrestling style being "extreme" promoting the PPV. It would be quite silly to promote it around Sheamus, and then have him to lose, but that is still what I think will happen.
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  6. :isee:

    Dolph's slows it down, acts semi-normal and still delivers a kick-ass review. Awesome. Great to know Smackdown is still unwatchable bullshit despite Ziggler's presence. :cornette:
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  7. So glad somebody noticed that :yay:
  8. If you mean he's on the front cover of the poster, lets do a little research and go back to last year:

    -Royal Rumble: Santino? What the fuck, man. You can't count this.
    -Elimination Chamber: Fella was on the front cover and wasn't even on the card. #wwelogic
    -WM27: Showed Cena and Rock, can't count this
    -ER: Brock was center stage with Cena behind looking like a dumbass. I'll count it as Brock so that's 0-1
    -OTL: Orton was on the cover, didn't win the 4-way. 0-2
    -No Way I'm watching this Out: AJ tying down Bryan, Bryan jobs to Punk. 0-3
    -Money in the Bank: ADR got the cover, didn't beat Fella. 0-4
    -Summerslam: Brock was on the cover and broke HHH. 1-4
    -Night of Champions: Cena on the cover, lost because he can't do a German Suplex right. 1-5
    -Hell in a Cell: Punk on the cover, Maddox ftw. 2-5
    -Survivor Series: Miz on the cover (lolwut), part of the jobbing Team Foley. 2-6
    -TLC: Ryback on the front cover and was part of a losing tag team. 2-7.
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  9. Wow. Great post. Suddenly back to being incredibly optimistic :obama:
  10. :Obama: I didn't watch SD just so I could read this unbiased. I'm glad I did DZ, I'm glad I did.
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  11. Great review. Really hope they go through with Ziggler/Jericho, both guys need a decent length PPV match with Ziggler going over. As for Langston, agreed. Just let him do that awful 5 count gimmick he had in NXT, it got over as fuck for some reason.

    Really don't get the point in that handicap match. It was the way they were trying to make Big Show look the heel despite being against two guys. 'OH MY GOD WHAT AN ASSHOLE. HE WALKED OUT OF A HANDICAP MATCH THAT FUCKING PUSSY!'.

    Smackdown as a whole could be so much better if they let the likes of D-Bry, Cody, Sandow etc go on solo runs again. It isn't far away at all from being as good as 2011 SD at the moment.
  12. I just don't understand why they insist on making it Squashdown. Give us competitive matches, dammit.
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