Dominic Monaghan tweets up a storm for "The Day" After Raw

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  1. Dominic Monaghan tweets up a storm for "The Day" After Raw


    We were kind of hoping for a “NOT CENA’S BOAT” tweet, but nonetheless, Dominic Monaghan from “The Day” did a bang-up job as Social Media Ambassador for last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The “Lord of the Rings” and “Lost” star was all a-Twitter over the high-octane action of the three-hour show, offering witty commentary on WWE Champion CM Punk’s newfound mean streak, Daniel Bryan’s aversion to all things goat-like and — as I’m sure we’ve all wondered at some point — contemplated the pigmentation of World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. So before “The Day” debuts in theaters tomorrow, here is a sampling of Monaghan’s tweets for The Day After Raw.

    Be sure to follow Dominic Monaghan @DomsWildThings for more witticisms, not to mention a few tweets we couldn’t post on the site. And check out the official Facebook page of "The Day," in theaters tomorrow.

    @DomsWildThings: @WWE @wwestudios @WWEUniverse it's about that time for loud noises and athletes with backs made of steel #raw is about to get [email protected]: #cmpunk is doing a lot of apologizing. I'd like to apologize for smashing my guitar over his silly face. #RAW #raw #wwe @WWEUniverse @WWE @DomsWildThings: @JohnCena is in the mood tonight for a do I know?we telepathically chat here n there. no [email protected] @wwe #raw #RAW @DomsWildThings: Yeah that's my girl @KaitlynWWE so fine. #divas #raw #RAW @WWEUniverse @WWE nice moves on the floor here. Quality athletes. (Ed. Note: Monaghan’s Twitter commentary even extended to the replays. The man was very thorough.)@DomsWildThings: #cmpunk is gonna throw down with #Jerry. Play nice boys! #raw @WWEUniverse @WWE @wwestudios @DomsWildThings: #goatface hmmmm. Looks more like a Shetland pony to me. @WWEUniverse @WWE #raw heyooooo! #burn @JohnCena c'mon [email protected]: Girls in glitter? Yes. #raw @WWEUniverse @WWE (ABOUT THE FUNKADACTYLS)@DomsWildThings: #goatface just needs a cuddle. @WWEUniverse @WWE #raw @DomsWildThings: #WWECage that's the [email protected]: #TheGame ONE MORE FIGHT! #raw @WWEUniverse @WWE @DomsWildThings: Ooooo classy car. #raw @WWEUniverse @WWE #[email protected]: And so enters an athlete paler than a ghost Polar Bear into the ring.My Irish countryman. @WWESheamus @WWE @WWEUniverse

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