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Despite the Monday Night Messiah eulogizing his career, Rey Mysterio did not retire on the June 1 episode of Raw.

The legendary luchador instead issued a defiant rebuttal to Seth Rollins. Or he was in the process of one, when his son Dominik cut in to say that someone from the family needs to deal with Rollins.

If that wasn’t a clear enough sign for you, Seth specifically spoke about Dominik on Raw Talk. Sounds like the Messiah wants young Mysterio to join his acolytes.

Not included in that clip is the Messiah talking about how important “tutoring young men like Murphy and Austin Theory” is to his plan for the future, and Seth saying he’s ready for anyone who comes for revenge. But if that person is Dominik, sounds like Rollins first line of defense will be to attempt to recruit Rey’s son - and likely turn him against his father in the process.

So, Dominik’s definitely getting involved in this angle. But how?

Seems likely that a trios match between Rollins, Murphy & Theory and Rey, Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo will probably be booked at some point. But will one of the faces get taken out so Dominik can take his place? Does Seth add another acolyte to make it four-on-four?

Or do we take another route to the elder Mysterio’s next match with the Messiah? And whose side with Dominik be on when the battle happens?


Let us know how you think Dominik is getting in the mix, and on whose side, in the comments below Cagesiders.

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