Donald Glover the Comedian?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Was kind of skeptical about him performing stand up and being funny, considering he stars in the hit show "Community" and is also known as the rapper "Childish Gambino". But I found him somewhat funny just because of his delivery.


    Full show:
  2. BTW, I didn't mean that he wouldn't be funny because he had those roles.
  3. I love him on Community and thought his stand up was alright. Something he can get a lot better at the more he does it.

    I liked the bit about his iPhone and the word niggardly
  4. I pretty much love everyone on Community with Shirley being last and Pierce being first.
    Troy is probably second just because his tone, facial expressions and delivery.
  5. Winger is the best. I find him very relatable.
  6. I'm talking from a perspective on who's funny tho...
  7. He is funny, but if I were to rank funny on Community
    1. Pierce
    2. Chang
    3. Troy, Dean or Jeff

    Edit: Gotta give credit to the dean.
  8. Winger is hilarious :pity1:
  9. Chang? CHang? You come to me with Chang? He jumped the shark a long time ago brother.
  10. He has like, one of my all time favourite scenes.

    Alright, pre season 3 he was funny though.
  11. I agree he was hilarious earlier on.. I haven't seen this season but up to what I have seen he started to fall off big time around the middle of season 3.
  12. This season isn't anything too special.
    Also, I tried to think of my favourite Winger scenes and I found a couple.

    - Cred goes to Dean Pelton

    - I'll give Jeff credit here and a bit to Chang

    Can't find the scene but it's when Jeff goes Hulk mode.
  13. So, all this thread did is convince me to watch Community. Was already planning to after seeing Remedial Chaos Theory, but I never got around to it, I'll be starting it later today now.
  14. S1 is amazing. One of my favorite shows ever
  15. The first few episodes of Season 1 are boring, but it eventually gets better within 3-7.
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