Donald Trump Entering WWE Hall Of Fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 25, 2013.

  2. Benoit to follow!!!

    Think of the buy rates!
  3. Well, people don't buy the HOF event on television, but that's beside the point, I suppose.

    Trump going in makes as much sense as any other celebrity's induction. My question is, when is Mr. T going in?
  4. I'm wondering then they'll put Wolverine in!
  5. He's only in there because Vince is friends with him in real life. I honestly wish they would have kept this to wrestlers/managers only. Like seriously... Pee Wee Herman does NOT need to be in there, neither does Donald Trump. It takes away from the Hall of Fame in my opinion. I know that sounds stupid since these people are well known actors, TV people, what have you, but to me, a wrestling HOF should be just that, wrestlers. Most of their "celeb" guests suck anyways. lol
  6. Only one question.

  7. I expected this, and Vince should expect to not find a fuck from me.
  8. Drew one of the biggest buyrates of all time for them....
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  9. Well, better than other celebrity entrants. No point in complaining about that anymore.
  10. Fuck the celebs, fuck the buyrates. You have Foley and Bruno...why are you going to cheapen it by putting that asshole/hat in right after them? I hate the WWE HoF in general.
  11. Still think Mr. T should have been added before Trump, but for hosting Wrestlemania twice and the hair storyline I guess it was alright
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