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  1. Since many of you asked for it, here it is :emoji_slight_smile:. As you can see we already have one upgraded member, that's an example of how you'll look if you do choose to donate $5.

    I'll be up on the main top bar soon aswell.


    Edit: Accidentally left it as $7 on there, it's $5 not $7.
  2. Super cool top secret future features are planned for upgraded members. I'll make a list containing the features whenever I get around to thinking of a list of features.
  3. Will be donating soon when I get my payment from my host :emoji_slight_smile:

    Can not wait to see these :emoji_slight_smile:

    How long does upgraded membership last for?
  4. Lifetime :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. Awesome this is a really great deal then. Will donate within next week or so.
  6. :O Thanks a lot man.
  7. Will donate as soon as I get some cash on my PayPal.
  8. Awesome guys. Appreciate the contributions.
  9. Don't you guys accept LR?

    I got LR only.
  10. Yeah we do accept LR. PM me :emoji_slight_smile:.
  11. Implement Google Checkout and here I come.
  12. Never used it before, easy to set up?
  13. No clue, it should. Not many people use it for payments but I'm pretty sure it's easy, I'd look into it myself if I weren't busy, lol.
  14. Just created an account, it's easy to set up, but not sure what I do to receive money... I've set it up and it's mainly about how I pay for things lol. I'll drop you a PM with my email so we can test it.
  15. Alright, I got pennies to spare, lol.

    I think you need to have a business account, I'll make an account for that.
  16. Set up. Donation page for anyone else who wants to use Google Checkout.
  17. :emoji_slight_smile:, everything works great.
  18. Okay good. Closing this, any other payment issues PM me :emoji_slight_smile:.