Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Kooldip, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Gentlemen and like 2 ladies, I present to you my newest little project... DoneWithWWE! https://twitter.com/DoneWithWWE_

    Basically, it's a twitter account where I will find 10 tweets every week that proclaim that the user is indeed "done with WWE". Every Tuesday, I will seek out the 10 users I saved screen caps of, see if they tweeted about watching WWE in the past week and then present them with the old tweet claming they were never gonna watch WWE again.

    I think it'll be fun, we all see this crap everyday and calling out these annoying fools will be a satisfying endeavor!

    Reason for posting this here is because I would like some help! If anyone is interested in running this with me, feel free to PM me. I'll go over the few rules I have about the account and we'll go from there. Obvious guidelines for anyone interested, don't really care how old you are but try to not act like a moron, if you try to change the password and lock me out of this account, I will end your life and have a sense of humor! Please. I'll only need 1 or 2 people max, so just be aware that if enough people ask (which I don't expect at all, but) your chances are slim.

    So, what do you guys think?
  2. Don't you think that this could cause harm more then good? Maybe you should think this out before continuing with it.
  3. I don't see how this will cause harm, Butters. I think this sounds fun to be honest.
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  4. Fair enough, I just see it as harmless fun, but that's what most horrible people say don't they... if it somehow gets out of hand, I'll cut it off.
  5. Hrmm. Maybe i'm just thinking to far about how the negative reactions could effect Kooldip. WWE fan's aren't too likely to take jokes and they can get pretty wild when pissed off. Trust me. I've pissed off some hardcore WWE fans and damn they really do try to break you. Just becareful with it, Kooldip. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. Nah, it depends. I love seeing people like "deanambrosefan4lyfe" freak out. @Suicide will probably say he's done with WWE the second Dean loses but be back the next week so Kooldip can strike at him. MUHAHAHAHAHAHHHA
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  7. Back UUUP!! <3

    I will! Don't worry :emoji_slight_smile:
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  8. Yeaaaah.... Shadow won't be the only one... -Points at my face-
  9. Kooldip can also attack @CrayJ Lee when WWE completely buries AJ Lee.
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  10. Just give me a three minute warning before calling out the die hard fan's here so I can bounce the hell out. War will irrupt and I'll be long gone.

    Poor Cray, She's not going to see it coming...
  11. @Brian Anderson is a huge Daniel Bryan fan. #KoolDipAttacks
    @Big Boss is a fan of Xavier Woods. #KoolDipAttacks
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  12. I am a Woods fan lol
  13. Its Morphing Time.
  14. Lol don't worry, I'm not going to go find you guys on Twitter, I just choose randomly though search with the keywords "I'm done with wwe". If you happen to show up... well that's a different story.
  15. As long as take them down if people request it, go wild!
  16. I said I would be done with WWE if Ziggler jobbed to Miz on Raw... not gonna lie I was sweating it when he had him in his terrible edition of the figure 4
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  17. Quick update!

    Things are going smoothly over at the DoneWithWWE_ headquarters. It's been a slow build thus far, but I'm making progress. I also have follows from both @JwabHDTV and @Muuuftah, so that helps as well!

    If you haven't already, follow me! I will give you a very soothing internet pat on the back.


  18. Oh lawd. It is funny though... I see this ever year with Browns fans being "done" with football then they watch it the next season.
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