Don't expect Lesnar at RAW next week

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Too bad :sad:
  2. Atleast they're sticking by their guns and not changing their plans.

  3. Makes sense.
  4. The show's already packed anyway, and I can see they're saving his appearances for his WM feud which will probably start a bit later on. No harm.
  5. Seems understandable. I would have been surprised to see him make an appearance.
  6. Where is my man Brock??? he should be at that Raw 20th anniversary show he was part of Raw years ago
  7. So was Nicole Bass, but we don't want to see her do we?
  8. So were a ton of other people, but I can't see WWE bringing back every living Legend, Superstar and Diva they've had throughout the years for an anniversary show.
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  10. An Rosey with Super Stacey.
  11. Mighty Molly?
  12. I was thinking Kiebler as Super Stacey when she was there valet
  13. I don't remember that, but I want to :upset:
  14. Will attempt the image of my phone

  15. Lol i know right.
  16. Kelly Kelly will be there. You won't see her on TV as she'll be preoccupied in the men's locker room, but it's still something for you to mark for. :jeritroll:
  17. :pipebomb:
  18. I agree. Brock along with Kelly Kelly would make RAW quite the entertaining show.
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