Don't Kick KENTA

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Star Lord, Nov 16, 2013.

  2. lol Kenta. The man who has beef with almost every major wrestler in Japan apparently.
  3. Seriously? I don't watch much Japan wrestling I thought this was part of the match haha
  4. Guy gets too much hate he's a damn good worker it's not his fault he can't draw Xanth to a buffet
  5. Was probably part of the match. But Kenta is known to have a big ego and a attitude problem. A textbook case of thinking you are bigger than you actually are.

    But like my esteemed Yorkshire colleague said. Damn good wrestler.
  6. The kicks were sick though, I was told Japanese wrestlers hit hard as fuck with kicks, chops etc but are major safe with it, it looks great though.
  7. I remember when Takayama fucked him up,good times.

  8. They arent safer just more used to being stiff / tough motherfuckers. There style is more dangerous although the tours are alot safer as guys get longer off.
  9. Like Seabs said, Japanese wrestlers are more stiff in general. Another factor is Japan's relation to martial arts in general. Most wrestlers in Japan know a legit martial art as well. Guys like Shibata (Take Kenta and make him cooler), Kazushi Sakuraba and Minoru Suzuki have legit MMA careers behind them.
  10. Takayama vs Don Frye is epic too under Pride rules. It's rock and sock em robots style. Also isn't Suzuki a pancrase founder with Ken Shamrock?
  11. That he is. Also one of the best men to ever step into Pancrase or something like that I believe. Shinsuke "Swag is in my veins" Nakamura also has a couple of MMA bouts under his belt. He was basically the only wrestler to get any wins in the shoot fights when NJPW did the whole "MMA invades New Japan" angle under Inoki.
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