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  1. Time to drop a recommendation.

    AAW is a promotion I want to warmly recommend to anyone looking to try out something new.
    It is a Chicago based independent promotion which has been in business since 2004. And who started really hitting their stride and gaining momentum in 2013 after being a hidden mid west gem for years. It features a lot of talent from various promotions around the united states like ROH, Lucha Underground, Evolve, TNA and so on, combined with their own talented roster of regulars. It has quickly surpassed PWG in my opinion as the top US independent. Putting out stellar matches that are easily on PWG levels of quality, but unlike PWG they also put out storylines and feuds as well as get their content out very fast for on demand and DVD viewing. Unlike PWG who is almost a year behind schedule.

    Here's the trailer for their most recent show

    All in all. Don't sleep on AAW.
  2. The montage looks great and the roster looks solid. (but then again, everything in montage form is better)

    I may at least see some things from AAW.
  3. Interesting. Looks really dope honestly. Definitely goona check it out. Is there a website or something to watch episodes/PPV's or anything? Or is it just all on DVD?
  4. Website: AAWrestling.com | Professional Wrestling Redefined
    TV Show (old):
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