Don't write off Mark Briscoe

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Pop Tatari, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Good Promo for his upcoming match aginast Kevin Steen

  2. Briscoe Brothers promo's are always fun to watch. #DemBoys
  3. Apart from Steen, McGuinness and possibly Corino/Jacobs the Briscoes are easily ROH's best speakers. Also Uncle Jethro looks like a badass. :steiner:
  4. Jay and Mark should feud, I think they had a match or two in the old days but it would be off the chain now.
  5. According to Wikipedia they did have a feud at the start of their ROH run (well Mark's since he came in a year later due to Philadelphia child labour laws).
  6. Yeah a feud between the two Bricoes would be awesome in terms of match and Promo quality.
  7. Easily the most genuine promo cutters in the business today. They remind you of someone from a previous wrestling generation the way they are able to present these amazing characters, unlike 99% of the bums around these days.
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  8. Wouldn't it be great if when they called up Wyatt, the first to members of the Wyatt family were dem boys. Fits his stable gimmick and would give them a jumping off point before ultimately turning on him.
  9. Would mark hard tbh.
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