dooes anyone play zynga poker

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WWE, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm very addicted to the facebook game

    Does anyone on here play it?
  2. No because most of them are idiots who don't know how to play, it's too easy. I play PKR.
  3. I also play real life poker and what websites do you use? not full of retards
  4. I am very good at Texas Hold'em. Nearly beat the entire Governor of Poker 2 game. I'd even go as far to say I could beat anyone in my state. Wish to challenge me at another game 'cus I don't have facebook?
  5. We should have a WF Texas Holden tourney!!!
  6. I used to play a ton of online poker on Pokerstars and Fulltilt.. I only play a few times a month nowadays
  7. Haven't played in a while. I used to have like 140000000 chips or something like that on FB

    I play on poker stars and ultimate bet
  8. Pokerstars and PKR. PKR is different, it's a more 3D realistic type of poker, I enjoy that one more personally as sitting down owning a bunch of faceless card holders is boring.
  9. Yeah I've played there, I like poker stats because the games are softer.

    On ultimate bet I turned $50 into $1800!

  10. I tend to only play with my friends instead since I'm not that big a fan of online poker. I prefer seeing the people I'm playing with. We usually have friendly little tourneys were you can bet anything between 1-10 dollars to keep the cost as minimal as possible. I do enjoy poker though.
  11. Nothing boring about winning money.
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