Dorm Internet just blocked And...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hannah Bee, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I'm thinking the site's already getting wind from the people downstairs (Administration). :sad1: BTW Dolph's hair looks like a bunch of noodles. XDD

    Same on the TNA site. It thankfully let me in their Main page though.

    Pretty soon the forum will be blocked too. :// URG, It's just I dunno. Wrestling is not allowed here in my college (Catholic Schools FTW! Not.), and I cannot ask the admins to unblock the site.

    Any day now. If this happens, I cannot go to the site much. ILU guys tho. :emoji_kissing_heart:* Always remember that. :upset:
  2. It's because you constantly view the segments involving nudity. STOP BEING SO HORNY.
  3. I rarely go to anyways! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P I just go there when I see that Botty has a good article to share... :emoji_slight_smile:))
  4. l2proxy
  5. Know how to, but Untangle's one of the most hardest things to break into. :(( Tried already.
  6. Hotspot shield, :facepalm:
  7. Tried, not working. :((
  8. move to a different college.
  9. Can you not protest sites that are blocked? I doubt this site provides any harmful content at all that breaks college rules. We just discuss wrestling...
  10. Website's down and Crayo has removed the damn :erm: smiley, fuck this post.
  11. It's :urm: :urm :
  12. :isee: :urm:
  13. I expect a formal written apology.
  14. Dear Craybear,

    My sincerest apologies for failing to use the correct code for your smiley, even though it should be :erm:, I understand and appreciate why it would be spelled with an ‘e’ and not a ‘u’. I shall strive to improve upon my code typing in future.

    This apology is in no way impudent.


  15. Dear R'Albin,

    Run into traffic.

  16. Dear Craybear,



  17. Dear R'alfag,

    I'm pregnant. It's yours.


    Daddy Bear.
  18. Dear anyone,

    What the fuck did I walk in on?

    A concerned citizen.
  19. Dear Mr. Bear



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