Double turn at live event?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Axed from a RAW house show report from this weekend:

    Tensai turned face last Wednesday so that is no real surprise. But heel A-ry? If they go that route I can see it work. A-ry's jock heel gimmick down in FCW was really good and it seems in this segment like he is borrowing from Jericho's old rulebook gimmick, were he weasled himself in and out of matches by citing outlandish rules. Could get A-ry's career back on TV.

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  2. My god, so they finally get an over babyface then they turn him heel? God dammit.
  3. lol #WWElogic You're getting pops without us giving you a gimmick? you're a heel now! :vince:
  4. At least he's taking it in stride :lol1:
  5. People care about what happens to Alex riley? :blown:
  6. It doesn't effect me regardless as he hasn't appeared on RAW for 49939309 days. However, if this helps him get his career back on track then sure but I'm sure he was over as a face anyway, so why the change all of a sudden?
  7. It's just a house show. Doesn't really mean it's happening, but if they go down that route I don't think there's a problem. Riley did get some big face pops though.
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