Double Turn @ TLC?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Action Jackson, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. Is an Orton - Cena double turn happening tomorrow?

    If it does, I believe it's the first one since Austin v Bret at WM 13. I think Bryan can carry the merch sales and be the top babyface now. Turning Cena heel and doing a Bryan vs Cena program would be $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.... I'm very intrigued.

    TLC is the first PPV I've paid for in a while. Whether anything like that happens or not, I'm VERY excited for this show. The match itself will be fuckin' bananas.

    I'd like to hear from the forumers though. Double turn? Yes or no? Weigh in on the poll.
  2. I'd love for it to happen. It's be as iconic as the Hogan turning on WCW for the nWo type deal. Nobody would see it coming, but it'd make perfect sense. This could help Bryan outgrow the whole yes/no deal, leading him and Punk, and hell, maybe even Orton into top baby faces.

    But as I've seen it mentioned before, they won't turn Orton face after all this time they've spent trying to get him over as a heel

    So I see it as unlikely
  3. Cena turning heel and Bryan vs Cena would definetly make alot of cashmoney.
    But I'm more than sure, that it won't happen.
  4. There's a small chance that it could happen, but it's meh. I wouldn't really care for it. And the last double turn was Ziggler/ADR this year.
  5. Rio vs Ziggler at Payback was a double turn
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  6. I heard the rumors of it. But come on, you know this isn't going to happen.

    But how awesome would it be? The story's pretty much perfect. The Authority screw over Randy and help Cena win the match. They talk about how they knew Cena had the arm injury and they had to quickly get the belt on Orton. The Authority had Paul Heyman take CM Punk out at Money in the Bank to help Randy Orton won the belt, and then used Orton as the placeholder while the Authority waited for the real Corporate Champion, John Cena, to return from injury. They let Cena pick his own opponent, and Cena picked someone who was good enough to beat him at 70% but not at 100%. Enter Stone Cold CM Punk to raise hell with Triple H and talk about how he ran through his goons at TLC and that no matter what, he's the guy who takes out the Authority and they throw people like the Wyatts and Corporate Kane at him for a few months. Meanwhile, the scorned Randy Orton that was thrown by the wayside by the Authority goes right back into his anti-hero mode and angrily tries to see the because the Authority still see more money in Randy Orton than Daniel Bryan. So Bryan's stuck being "filler" in the Rumble match, and this filler wins the Rumble, wins a Chamber match to keep his Rumble spot, then takes out Cena at Wrestlemania while CM Punk gets his win back against Triple H to tie up this Authority storyline.

    Wrote this in 10 minutes... now let me sit back in my rocking chair and see what WWE writes in 4 1/2 months.
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  7. Cena wins lol
    Cena defense wins lol
    Cena wins again lol
    Cena defeats Bryan lol
    Cena loses belt to HHH lol
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  8. I don't think so. There's a small possibility, but I wouldn't bet on it. They hinted at this, but for that exact reason I believe Orton takes this one with help from the Authority.
  9. As much as I want to see Cena as a Heel I am 98% sure it wont happen.
  10. Let me go ahead and erase that last 2% of doubt because there is no change in hell Cena is turning :pipebomb:
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  11. It worked people.

    WWE got you all interested in to seeing whats going to happen with the main event that "we've seen million times" and "this feud is going to be so boring."

    They've got us all interested and all it took was one sweet Raw ending.
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  12. Kurt Angle/Booker T. on Raw in 2001 was a double turn as well, if I recall.

    There is zero chance of this happening and I wouldn't really want it to. I don't care to see Randy Orton suddenly becoming a hero against the Authority after months of needing their help just to become and remain champion, plus I'd want Cena as a corporate heel champion for more than just a few months before dropping it. It took Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin several months after their respective heel turns before they dropped the title (in Hogan's case, a year and then after reclaiming the title just five days later, another four months before he finally lost it again... That's a year and a half after winning the title as a heel before he lost it for more than just one week.)

    Plus, turning Cena at TLC? Even with all the hype because of it being a unification match, I don't really see many extra buys to be honest because it's still a B-PPV. Vengeance 2001 didn't do much better than the average B-PPV that year either when they unified the WWF/ WCW Championships. I know it would create a lot of interest and buzz going into Wrestlemania XXX, but still.
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  13. I am only 90% sure it won't happen and I agree that because of the teases on both Raw and Smackdown, it won't happen. If they were going to do a double-turn, I think the Authority would have been 100% behind Orton leading into the PPV to make it all the more shocking when it did. The fact that they teased it makes me think there's very little chance of it happening.

    I usually agree with Lockard, but I actually would enjoy the different storyline possibilities that a heel Cena and a scorned face Orton would create. It would make for some interesting TV.

  14. Voted Yes cause YOLO. They most likely won't turn Cena heel.
  15. Isn't this the perfect time to do it though if you want a surprise? People expect Mania why not do it on a TLC show to give it a big feel similar to BATB?
  16. They recently turned Orton heel and I don't think Cena will be turning so I'm going to say no.
  17. I hope they don't have a double turn tonight. After all the push they've put into Orton being heel, it wouldn't make much sense for them to turn on the whole thing. Although I would be all for a Cena heel turn, I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.
  18. I suppose, but this current angle (especially with the point that it's at) isn't the right fit for a Cena heel turn to me. If anything, the fact that they've teased it even a little bit with the last segment on Raw pretty much means it wouldn't be a complete surprise (at least to us know-it-all smarks.)
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  19. Don't get me wrong I agree it's illogical to do so at this time it just strikes me as that being the perfect time if that makes an ounce of sense to anyone.
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