Double turn?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Am I seeing this right? If so I ain't even mad that DZ lost the belt, that was brilliantly done, one of my favorite matches of the year.
  2. Thank fuck someone else seen it this way! Finally it appears he's gonna get some sort of decent booking. The title run was shit and was always gonna be shit tbh, I don't mind seeing the strap taken off of him if it means him being built up properly before he wins it next time.

    Oh and the execution of the turn was beautiful, at the start the crowd were indifferent about Del Rio, by the end they all wanted him dead.
  3. Didn't watch so I have no idea what you're talking about, but I do like the fact that he no longer has the title. DZ with no title (even if he continues jobbing) > > > > DZ with a shitty joke of a title run
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    If this wasn't a double turn I don't know what is. Dolph came out looking like a strong never go down babyface though.

    Will be easy to get Big E away from him now though. Since Big E can now just split and do his own thing and they can continue to be bro's backstage and watch each others back if needed.
  5. Dolph is gonna get a big baby face push now, him and Bryan will be the two faces chasing the titles through the summer. ADR is gonna be an accidental heel whilst Dolph wants his title back. It seems likely Ziggler gets it back at SS before a heel cashes in MITB.
  6. What that guy said about Dolph^.

    And Bryan will likely win the RAW MITB and cash it in for a SummerSlam match I believe, or possibly a survivor series match after trying to get a shot at whoever holds the gold. That would mean a heel would have to take the gold off of Cena first though unless they want to do a long face vs face program.
  7. Cena is a heel in a lot of cities so the dynamic works. Plus you have the rumoured Brock Reign coming up.
  8. I'm loving the optimism regarding WWE actually pushing Ziggler and using him correctly, but for once, I'm going to remain pessimistic until something good is done. Dolph has been screwed far too often by WWE writers. He finally gets a title reign, and the only person to get spotlight from it was Big E Langston. He was in a horrible feud with ADR and had like 2 mic time segments in his entire reign. 1) The night after he won the title, where his voice was gone and 2) when he returned from his concussion and cut a dope ass promo, before losing a match. He lost more times cleanly as champion than anyone I can ever remember.

    Oh yeah, WWE are so going to pull the trigger on Dolph.
  9. They are pushing him.
  10. Thanks Meltzer.
  11. This was a great match between ADR and Ziggler. It seemed that way to me too that they'll be doing a double turn. I love the idea and I'm looking forward to what they do with both of them.
  12. Do you think it was a planned double turn? (i've not watched it yet) or do you think it was to do with the location of the PPV? (i.e the audience) Will watch tonight and have a nosey.
  13. Del Rio was playing a ruthless heel. It was planned.

  14. How was the double turn not good? It was the most epic thing I've seen in WWE since Lesnar's return.

    edit: Have you seen the match yet? I feel if you had you wouldn't be saying this nonsense.
  15. Yeah it seems that way, he lost but actually looked strong for once. Del Rio was acting heelish that whole match while Ziggles was gutsy.

    This is just good heel work and a funny moment

  16. Yea it was by far ADR's best work as a heel. He really came across as being a ruthless son of a bitch
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  17. ADR was absolute gold last night. The kicks to the head were just sickeningly beautiful.
  18. I agree it was his best heel work in ages it did not seem forced like before,hopefully we see this heel del rio more.
  19. Great Gif.
  20. No I haven't but that's not my point lol.

    The match probably was epic. The turns were probably epic. The performances of both men were probably epic. It's the nights away from Chicago that I worry now. I now have to trust WWE to push Dolph properly, and ADR to actually entertain me...
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