Kayfabe Doubt, Control... Curse.

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  1. *During the shows interval, The crowd are chatting among themselves and having a good time. The lights blinker and everyone in attendance go back to their seats, ready to continue the rest of the show. 4 minutes go by and the crowd are anticipating something big is gonna go down. A couple of more minutes go by and just when the crowd are about to lose interest unknown music plays through the speakers and the lights darken down, hitting all sections of the crowd.

    41 seconds into the song the lights brighten from the tron to show a man in all black having his back to the crowd on stage. The crowd are trying to figure out who this man could be but can't make it out. The man continues to stand there showing nothing until 1:16 into the song the man turns around and the lights darken. 1:23 the lights go up and the crowd pop, It's The Scat. The Scat stops on the ramp, just to take a few seconds to look around his surroundings. But then quickly walks down the ramp, like a man on a mission. The crowd are chanting "holy shit" over and over. The Scat goes over to the time keepers area (while the camera shows the crowd reactions) grabs a microphone and enters the ring. The music stops and The Scat is left standing in the middle of the ring, With the crowd cheering. The Scat tries to speak but the cheers get louder so The Scat puts the microphone down. After the cheers quiet down The Scat tries again but the same happens and "Scat Scat Scat" chants slowly make their way to fill the arena. The Scat shows no emotion and again puts his microphone down. After a good 15 seconds The Scat puts the microphone nearer his mouth and the crowd quiet down.*

    The Scat: The end. My soul's laid to rest what is left in my body... Or am I just a shell of a man I once was. I accepted defeat, I accepted what was expected of me. I lost credit, I lost respect. I lost everything I stood for... I lost control. But while I was laying there, thinking how things have turned out. The keys have shown me that the only way to regain it all is to become the world heavyweight champion *crowd pops* How do you beat a man who has nothing to lose, you don't. My desire, my curse is to become world heavyweight champion. Until then, I better start scoring out names on the list.

    *The Scat throws the microphone down and leaves the ring to no music. The Scat shows no emotion as he walks up the ramp and heads backstage while the crowd cheering on.*

    End of segment

    OOC: (open)

    Woohoo. I'm back, well sort of. I've not got as busy work schedule as I did before. So i'll actually have time to promo and play matches. Really happy to see some of the old characters back mixing with the newer ones and I have to say, the league looks pretty sweet right now. So yeah can't wait to be interacting with you all again. Plus if you wanna tell me how I did wae the ald promo and shit then let me know.. quote me and shit. But I am pretty happy to be back.
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