Kayfabe Down Ya Beer

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*A beer can opening sound effect echos through the arena before going into Put Down The Drink by Emphatic, Jason Frost is seen crouching down at the top of the ramp with a beer bottle in his hand. He takes a swig from the bottle and stands up straight and makes his way down to the ring. He puts his beer bottle on the steeps and grabs the mic which is conveniently placed on the steeps. He gets in the ring and his music cuts off*

Jason: Y'know, there's only so much corny shit that a good ol' Texas boy can take before his beer starts to taste like piss. Lemme get this straight, I'm in the World title tournament, right? I'm supposed to go against the best of the best right? So why in the blue hell am I facing a Superman clone?

I was enjoying a nice cold beer when my friend Kev comes up to me and says "Hey kid, you're goin' up against Lukey." And you know what I says to Kev? I says "Kev, I don't wanna face Superman."

But the good thing is I get more money to buy more beer either way. Lukey may think that he's just facin' a drunk Texan but in reality, he's facin' a two hundred and thirty five pound man with fast hands and faster feet. You're just a boy, Lukey. And when it comes to winnin' championship gold, you never send a boy to do a man's job.

*Jason throws the mic down and grabs his beer, he exits the ring and takes a swig, a fan flips him off, Jason responds by spitting beer in his face. He laughs in the fan's face before walking up the ramp, drinking his beer*
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