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  1. *Precision has rolled around and Will Neilson is kicking off the show, as he is walking down the ramp it's clear he is very emotional, he stops for a minute or so outside the ring, probably to collect his thoughts. He rolls into the ring and grabs the nearest microphone.*

    Will: All I can say is...... I'm sorry. I'm sorry to all of you, I made a promise to you that I would win the European Championship..... and I failed. It just seems like Billybob was the better man. This won't stop me though, no matter how many times I may fail, no matter how many times I do not succeed, I will keep fighting! Tonight, is a new era for me, I face Spike Cox, for the Iron Man championship, a 7" monster, the man who defeated my bitter rival Antonio Stark at Night of Champions. This will be the match to watch people! HOWEVER THIS TIME, I WILL SUCCEED! I WILL BECOME THE IRON MAN CHAMPION AND I WILL..... thank you all....for this opportunity you have given me.

    Also... General manager Ryan Blake spoke to me and Rhys backstage, and said that me and him would be in the Money in the Bank ladder match! It doesn't matter which one of us wins the briefcase, but one of us will win the briefcase! Apparently there is a secret participant in the match aswell. I don't know who it is, only Ryan does. I'm even more excited now! It could be an overseas talent, or even a returning veteran. You all know, that when my Destiny is set on something it stays on it! You can't change Destiny.... no matter how hard you try.

    *Neilson hurls the mic at one of the commentators, it bonks them on the head and Will starts laughing as he heads backstage to prepare for his upcoming Iron Man Championship match.*


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