Downtime tomorrow night.

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  1. WWE Forums will be moving to a new server tomorrow night, and as always you can expect downtime while the DNS resolves. Whilst the site is down I will be on the Twitter and Facebook answering all questions and issues.

  2. Do you think the same problem will happen like last time?
    With the cache and shit?
  3. Maybe, DNS is out of my control. All I'm making sure of is that there is no other kind of problem.
  4. We should probably all join GFX Forums for Solidus's sake and discuss stuff when the servers are down.
  5. No point, nobody is there.
  6. I'm down for that plan..
  7. Actually, you wouldn't be able to. My forum and imagehost is moving too.
  8. Bad timing. lol
  9. No choice, I'm getting rid of this vps server we use now. I don't need the managed services that come with it, and these forums strain it too much anyway. We are moving onto a dedicated server which is 10x more powerful that this vps.
  10. It's not hard using the Twitter. Last time it was a fantastic way of providing support. Solidus also uses Twitter and follows us so he can give better help to those who need it.

    I also have a lot of you on Skype. I have no problem helping you all there.
  11. Link your twitter/facebook to the notice this time.
  12. Some links people may need (save them somewhere)

    Clearing your DNS cache (Windows, Linux and Mac)

    Clearing your browsers cache (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, Safari)'s-Cache
  13. Oh boy, can't wait for all the fags with DNS errors again :dawg:
  14. I'm actually really excited.
  15. Better that than having the site crash more often due to heavy traffic. It happened the other night if you didn't notice, much more annoying too.
  16. Yeah, I know. MySQL errors all night :upset:

    I made a pastebin last time on how to correct the DNS errors with the hosts files, helped quite a few people I think. Want me to make one again? Or have you guys got that covered?
  17. It should be fine, I'm gonna reduce the TTL value to about 3 minutes.
  18. Might be a small delay, I don't get home until 10pm tonight. Hopefully get it done by 2am(11 hours from now) with 30 minutes downtime max.
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