News Draft rules revealed.

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  1. Draft rules revealed: Everything you need to know about the WWE Draft

    The article has a full roster list.

    The last two rules are interesting, guess that means Enzo and Cass won't be seperated after all unless some shenanigans ensue which I'm sure they will. Six picks from NXT?...Bálor and Bayley are confimed, maybe American Alpha, Austin Aries? I dunno' I'm excited to see who goes where now.
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  2. I still think at least one team will be split up. Probably New Day as WWE is high on Big E going solo, so we might see Raw pick Big E alone without Kofi and Xavier.
    My 6 NXT picks are Dillinger, Balor, Bayley, Carmella, Bliss and Aries or Itami.
  3. NXT drafts I think should go:
    Finn Balor
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Hideo Itami
    American Alpha
  4. I kinda hate that drafting Balor would ruin the whole 'suprise' reveal against AJ when he steals the club. That said, i am really hyped for this draft. Will definitely be watching it once I get back from work!
  5. I agree with everyone here except Nakamura seeing as he will be fighting for and presumably winning the NXT championship at Takeover: Brooklyn 2, wouldn't make sense to draft him now.
  6. Well, better late then never they say so I guess them finally laying out some rules regarding the draft should be appreciated, even if it's literally last minute; almost makes you wonder if WWE themselves couldn't make up their minds about it...

    Nevertheless, all seem legit to me and I have no problem with either of them so my only comment here will be about the luming possibility of some tag teams being split up, as been teased in recent weeks.

    As far as the talk involving Enzo and Cass, I say no chance in hell. They are the most over and popular team right now, just got called up a few months ago and haven't even had a first run with the belts. I see no reason why WWE would rush in splitting these two, even if they are clearly high on Cass so this clearly is a no no.

    That being said, I personally see the following three possibilities:

    a) The Dudleyz. They did once, they can easily do it again, only this time it would make much more sense. They practically have nothing going for them, absolutely nothing to do and I'm sure most will certainly appreciate a solo run from Bulley Ray....

    b) The Vaudevillains. Not the top favorite but I personally wouldn't be surprised. Yes, they are talented and just recently called up like Enzo and Cass all their gimmick is just bad and not working, not to mention the fact that both of them have been jobbing the last few weeks. Take last week for example: wasn't English the first one to be eliminated from the Battle Royal? What does that tell you?

    c) The Lucha Dragons. This may come as a surprise to some, but, seriously, does anyone really care about either Kalisto or Sincara these days? The way I see it, if indeed we get a cruiserweight division, they're probably better off there solo...

    Aside from the above, I guess Breezango and Golden Truth are two more teams that could be added to this list, however I feel WWE already put too much effort on both to have them split up so soon. Don't get me wrong, it's not like either team would be missed or anything but I'm feeling both stick around for a while longer as is...
  7. Yeah, if not him then I was thinking someone like Niajax
  8. The draft will be fun. But give it a couple months and both show's are about to get boring as fuck when all the guys face the same person every week
  9. I "kinda" disagree, it kinda hurts the credibility of the whole thing if they DON'T pick people like Joe and Asuka. If you want the six best talents saying "I'd love to bring Carmella to Smackdown" with freaking Asuka on the board seems a little ridiculous. Same with Nakamura and some others.

    Maybe if there's a rule of "you can't draft the champions" but that hurts the belts... :hmm:

    Like Alexb said, I would KILL for a Dudley's breakup. Devon's pretty great as a dark match/pop the crowd dude, perfectly okay to have the reverend keep doing that while Bully gets the opportunity to kill it again as a singles
  10. I think they're making a mistake by keeping RAW 3 hours. They may prove me wrong down the line but who knows. NXT stuff is gonna be really cool, lookin forward to all that. Been hyped for this draft for years pretty much so i got no expectations really, just glad it's finally here.

    Also ill be at Smackdown next Tuesday so this is pretty big for me, curious who i'm gonna be seeing.
  11. Though I agree about the 3 hour thing, well, tough luck for WWE since they decided to make that deal in the first place with USA.

    While on the subject, I feel this may become a serious issue down the road cause if you think about it, so much TV time may overkill the product. I mean, 3 hours of RAW on Monday, 2 hours of Smackdown on Tuesday and NXT on Wednesday on a weekly basis and then the PPV's, which in some cases we shall have twice a month. That's a lot of fucking programme if you ask me...
  12. It's not WWE's decision to have a 3 hour Raw. It was all USA who initiated that. WWE has to go along, but they'd prefer a 2 hour Raw if they had their way.
  13. I like how they distinguished the rules. WWE has been doing some classy shit, recently.

    I remember when Ric Flair drafted the nWo and not even Vince McMahon was there to ask why the fuck he got 3 picks. Now it's much more clear, and it makes more sense and makes the draft seem a little more legitmate.

    I love that WWE has learned from their mistakes from the original brand split, and is willing to adapt and change their system to best accommodate the brands, it's fans and even their workers.
  14. If KO isn't in the first five picks both brands can :gtfo:

    Same if Joe isn't drafted.
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  15. Oh, that's cool.

    The only downside is keeping RAW 3 hours, but whatyagonnado.

    Also, this guy needs to be in top 5 draft picks along with KO or bust.
  16. Finn Balor should go to RAW. Expose him to a big audience, and down the line he should go to SmackDown to be apart of the smarks wet-dream show.
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