Kayfabe Preview Show Dragons Den: Angel vs Nick Promos

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  1. [​IMG]
    RWK Crowned Jewel Championship

    Nick @Nickelodeon vsArchangel @Black Iron PJ

    Only the competitors can post here.

    You can promo outside the ring if you like. In-Ring promos are also available to you.
    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on January 31st British Time.
    Please don't post any OOC posts in here. Use the General Discussion thread for those posts.
    There is a 2 promo limit.
  2. The camera is picking up an empty area, the carpet and and retracted line posts seems to indicate that the area had previously been occupied only recently, it was most likely an autograph session. The camera moves its lens to the carpet floor for a minute panning into a forward direction until it meets the table sheets as the camera shoots upward to a shot of Archangel, sitting on a chair, looking off into the distance. He seems to be wearing a full business suit. Next to him on the table is his Crown Jewel placed firmly and presented in front of the camera for the whole world to see. After a few seconds, Archangel notices the camera directed at him and begins speaking.

    “My first trial, my first labor, my first title defense…”
    Archangel brings his eyes unto the camera as he stands up and grabs the Crown Jewel, he begins walking forward as the camera picks up his trail.

    “When I came into this company, I had one long term goal and that is to make RWK the hottest wrestling promotion in the world. The first step to that was claiming the Crown Jewel, the top prize of RWK, pretty simple right? And as you can tell, it was.”
    Archangel smirks, looks at the Crown Jewel and places it over his shoulder, he continues walking.

    “Step two, on the other hand, is where things get interesting. I know having this belt makes me the most targeted man in the world of wrestling, and unlike others I accept that fate, in fact, I welcome it! Step two is where I beat every single challenger in my path to show that the Crown Jewel belongs to the rightful fighter. Which leads me to my opponent for my first ever title defense. Nick…”
    Footage of Nick in both IWT and RWK are shown. Scenes of him finishing off his opponents with his Snapmare Driver, scenes of him destroying his opponents with his unorthodox style of technical wrestling and straight up brawling, and one last shot of Nick blindsiding Archangel from behind at Carnival Games.

    “I didn’t go all out on you, I was too focused on Ryan Vendetta, but I should have diverted more attention to you, that was a very bad mistake on my part. If I had diverted even less attention towards you, I probably would be the one challenging you for the Crown Jewel. But I digress, the Vendetta element is gone and it's just you and me. I will beat you, I don’t need extra ladders to do it, I don’t need outside interferences, I don’t need anything else but the support of the audience, the people that fuel my drive of being the best and make RWK the top promotion in the world. Now tell me this, what is your motivation to be champion? Because I know there has to be, you're a former ACW Internet Championship, and a former IWT World Heavyweight Champion, I ain’t underestimating, if I do then I don’t deserve to have the Crown Jewel by my side. You fight to be the best, well then your looking at the best, and the best is going to show you why he’s called that. You're definitely a strange one Nick, street brawling mixed with technical wrestling, but being different also means unpredictable and unpredictable can mean you might have an advantage over me.”
    Shots of Nick from Dyker Heights are shown, various clips flash of him, with two scenes in particular getting isolated and played again. One is him talking about his opponents in Carnival Games. “Their aerial skills are certainly formidable. But I've developed a multitude of strategies for taking them out.”

    “But that advantage will mean nothing. You're a on a whole different level than half the roster of RWK, I admit that. This isn’t like facing off against any other Wrestler, I know I’m up against a tactician, a cunning warrior, a keen, a smart bastard if you will. I know that I am up against my biggest challenge in RWK, beating you and proving to the world that RWK is the future and the now! And I’ll do exactly that.”
    Another scene is isolated and shown. “My techniques are better than my opponents. My intellect trumps theirs. My pain is greater than theirs. My resilience is greater than theirs. My motivations are greater than theirs. I am the better wrestler."

    “I will make sure that you will get me at my best, Nick because I will show how pure raw passion beats any sort of cerebral game plan that you have. I won’t just beat you I will show the world of wrestling what RWK means to me, every ounce of energy I have is going to this match, going to defend the Crown Jewel, going into beating you at Dragons Den! No matter what skill or technique you decide to bring, it won’t matter when I come in as the champion and I beat you with the help of every single person in the audience cheering me on, that is why I am the best, that I have the Crown Jewel, and that is why I will beat you!”
    The camera fades into black, before one last shot is shown with Archangel, posing his signature taunt to the camera.

    “Step two is underway, and it's time for the world to see its first victim…”
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  3. The scene opens with Nick's back turned towards it. He is shirtless, wearing black shorts and Nike running shoes. He is dripping sweat and breathing extremely heavily, sluggishly connecting with a series of punches and kicks to a punching bag, the smack reverberating throughout the gym. In a side by side shot, we see Nick also bench pressing, hitting multiple reps at 325. Then, it cuts to him in an octagon, this time barefoot and wearing gloves. Another man walks in and the two begin fighting. Nick connects with a stiff right and knocks him out with a roundhouse kick, flooring him as Nick exits. The scene fades, and transitions to Nick leaving the gym, his hair unkempt and a training bag slung over his back. He is wearing gray joggers and a black t-shirt.

    "They say hard work pays off. I thought I was working hard, but the fact that I didn't emerge victorious at Carnival Games only means that there's more work to be done. So I upped the ante. An extra half hour at the bags. More sets, more reps, more weight. Longer runs. More martial arts training, more wrestling practice, more boxing matches at the gym. This facility has been my new home ever since my loss. I don't take too kindly to losing. I never have and never will. While I do have my strategies for you, Archangel, it's so much more than that. You may think that your passion is going to lead you to victory, but you're damn wrong. I don't see you working half as hard as me! I don't see you grinding it out in the gym, hours per day. Going on the most extreme diets to ensure my body is in peak condition for our match. You may have passion, but you lack certain qualities that I have in abundance. You don't have half the drive or motivation as me. You don't have the experience I do. You don't have the mind that I do. And most of all, your passion does NOT equal mine."

    He takes a sip out of his water bottle.

    "I was out of my element and in one you and Vendetta would thrive in. Yet I ran rampant over you two, and had it not been for a lapse in judgement on my part at the top of that ladder, that Crowned Jewel would be safely in my trophy room. Now, the conditions are different. I'm even more serious. I've been working harder than you, while you've been celebrating your fluke victory. It's gonna be one on one, and I'm in the best shape of my career. When that bell rings you're gonna face a different beast than the ladder match. I've improved my move arsenal, and there won't be anyone else to come in and save you when the going gets tough for you. I'm locked in. I've got my eyes set on ONE thing, and that is the RWK Crowned Jewel."

    Nick takes a seat on a bench

    "There are so many reasons why I'll beat you at Dragon's Den. One of the biggest ones? You saying that all you need is 'the people'. I used to think like that. When I was a bottom-feeding loser! I ask you the same question I ask every single person who has that mentality. What do you do when the people inevitably turn their back on you? Then what happens? Just disappear into obscurity? Whether you wanna admit it or not, your 'fans' will turn their back on you when day. They'll boo you and cheer for the next flash in the pan with the same mentality as you. You'll be left for dead, with no people's support to rely on. The moment I became a great wrestler was the moment I stopped relying on the energy of the 'fans'. When I started grinding it out in the gym every damn day! This is why my career will last a life time, and yours will be swift. All it takes is one loss, and these people will have their doubts about you. The chants of your name will get quieter and quieter until they no longer yell "ARCH-ANG-EL!". I hope you soon come to the realization that you need to fight for yourself, because after I destroy you at Dragon's Den, the people will stop cheering. Then you'll have no fuel to continue the fight. And you'll disappear just like every other 'people's champ' before you. While I continue and thrive as the true champion."

    "I am the best because I don't need any people to be cheering or booing me to win. I am the best because I am about myself. I work harder than anyone else for myself. I fight for myself. I will prove I am the best for myself. I already know that I am the best, that's not why I want to beat you so badly. I will claim the RWK Crowned Jewel, because it is the next step in my quest to rule the wrestling world!"
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