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  1. Someone explain to me who this **** is exactly ? Seriously, every Fucking day I log on to Facebook or Twitter I'm subjected to one of his crappy quotes along with a picture of his piss annoying face.

    Seriously what has this man done to become so Fucking famous? He steals a quote, changes it into an acronym and it's automatically his?

    Why do people decide to worship this man ? He's just such a dull prick. I've never heard him speak before, apart from that Rhianna song - and all I gathered from that is he is too lazy to go get a calculator and find the square root of 69. Infact; he probably has one on his phone - undoubtedly an iPhone like every other dull celebrity seems to have - where he simply has to type in 69 and press the square root button, simples?

    Why do the real legends of this world not get the attention they deserve ? How much would you rather open Facebook to see a picture of Barney Stinson with one of his legen... wait for it... dary quotes than read this guy's posts.

    I know this thread is exceptionally random but I just needed an opportunity to vent and say, FUCK YOU DRAKE.
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  2. I can let my sister post if you want? She would tell you all about him hah,

    He's just another one of the crappy RnB artists.
  3. Lol I'll pass, and yep, just the usual mainstream crap that people seem to love.
  4. Agreed completely. Can't stand it myself.
  5. hes the most AWESOME person in THE ENTIRE WORLD
  6. You have got to be kidding me?
  7. There was no kidding involved in my post :win:
  8. :facepalm1: is all I can say to that.
  9. omg you just dont understand him! :upset:
  10. What is their to understand? :haha:
  11. he is best in the world at what he does
  12. Which is what? produce shit song after shit song? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: I thought you didn't listen to music anyway? I now know why you don't :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  14. What was his most successful song?
  15. no idea never heard any of his songs
  16. Haha, that's why I asked that, I didn't have you as the type to listen to Drake.
  17. stfu i ALWAYS listen to drake he has best songs EVERQ
  18. :troll: :haha:, bet you like Chris Brown too :emoji_wink:
  19. I agree with his morals


    also come post in the 10,000 thread ;o
  20. His morals of knocking women about? Yeah my sister does too, all she says is that 'Rihanna probably deserved it' WTF?
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