Dramatic change in WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. is it just me or has the WWE changed dramatically since 2007? the whole theme, style, areana's and paper views all looked different in 2007 compared too 2008.

    is it because 2008 was the start of the PG era?

    basically the WWE looked the smame in 2001 up too 2007 and then in 08 there was a complete revamp and now in 2012 the WWE is still exactley the same as it was in 2008.
  2. I think it's changed from the PG era to the "PG Reality Era". Some people disagree but it definitely is more edgy than before (even though it's not edgy enough or often enough).
  3. They just modernized it tbh. After 7 years things do need freshening up.
  4. we will probably see another freshning up in 3 years.
  5. Black ropes, new theme, new staging, major changes in draft and back to just RAW would be a great change.
  6. 2007 was a trigger year because of Chris Benoit.
  7. Raw need the Red Rope! And most PPV need the BLACK ROPE BLACK!
  8. I don't mind either way. Black ropes at PPV's would be cool. I just miss them. White ropes on RAW is pathetic.
  9. we talkin' bout ring ropes?

    who gives a damn lol
  10. The ropes could be pink for all I care, just dramatically change the crappy product
  11. Any colour, always use ropes.
    Or else you will fall out of the ring.
    For example: [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=cQTPyBnDxQU[/video]
  12. Word. Or else they should either keep or advance the current stage set because I love how the stage is.
  13. I like that a lot Crayo. I think it has changed to a degree. Summer 2011 = possible era change? "Reality Era" kinda sums it up. This constant break of kayfabe was definitely frowned upon 2007-2010.
  14. And it still is, it's boring now. It's been overused. This whole Rock vs Cena feud still hasn't had a serious promo, it's all jokes about cathphrases, Dwayne, babyfaces, it could be so much better.
  15. You left out Twitter. Seeing @TheBigRedMonster under Kane's name when he comes out makes me mad. By they way no, that's not Kane's Twitter.
  16. Yeah WWE's anal usage of Twitter has got beyond pathetic now to be honest.
  17. Doesn't even exist!!! :shock:
  18. They're evolving in some sense. I don't see them coming out of the 'PG' era, however I see the term 'PG' not being really defined. Parental Guidance is advised, as they're still edgy, however since children watch the progam they should be explained or censored on some things in the WWE.
  19. Yeah it's too bad, but before PG, it wasn't really a 'porn show' if I may say that.
    The things being done and said were just some little hints or small adult jokes.
    I don't see bad in that, once the kids will learn those things anyway.
    For example:

    This still makes me lmfao every time I watch it..