Dream commentary team.

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  1. The only rule is they must have worked for the WWE as a commentator at some point. Mine would be Bobby Heenan (1989 time Heel colour) JR (1997-2001 time lead face) JBL (Colour heel) Both Bobby and JBL doubling on JR could have been great imo. I'm not sure if they're would have been too strong a heel presence but JR was that great as a babyface he could have made it work. Let's hear yours.
  2. I agree with JR and Heenan, but I'd throw Booker T in there to provide his incoherent lulz. The Brain would be hilarious making fun of Booker
  3. I'd have to have Heyman in my dream commentary team and sames with JR both great at making the big moments all the more standout and special with there commentary.
  4. I think pussy-face Cole and heel JBL is the best combination in recent history.

    Check this out:

    You have to play your volume very loud.
  5. Heynan, JR, Booker T, King
  6. Lawler as heel, JBL, CM Punk heel, Eric Bishoff (although, I'd prefer him as GM), Jonathan Coachman
  7. JBL, Stanford, and Booker. HEAVEN.
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