Dream feuds which are possible.

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  1. What feuds do you want to see in professional wrestling which are possible?

    One feud per post :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. WWE - An aggressive Daniel Bryan Vs. Jericho.
  3. Would he be a heel still?
  4. He said that were possible. WWE's version of Dick Butt is a pussy that says yes.

    I'll get the obvious out of the way: SCSA vs Punk
  5. I still hold hope DZ, I'm an optimist sadly. Also Jericho as the heel, as he's better on the mic there imo and an accidental face Bryan, needs to be more aggressive with his strikes and really crank in the submission holds.
  6. Rock vs Punk for the mic battles.
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  7. Another would be Steen Vs. Austin. Ever since I saw that picture of the two I've thought about how it could work so so so well.
  8. Not many left I can think of that I would say I 'dream' about seeing. I guess Austin-Cena is one, just to see Austin torment Cena on the mic and in the ring.
  9. Adding Miz vs Rock :emoji_grin:
  10. Bully Ray vs. Kevin Steen.
  11. With Steen being some sort of anti-hero face? I guess I could dig it.
  12. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
  13. :urm:
  14. Even you can admit that their feuds were awesome.. :pity:
  15. Fuck the mic battles on TV I just rather see them feud via satellite with shoots!


    John Cena VS The Undertaker
  16. I'd want to see a well booked, well written feud between Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. It would get some good throwback considering their fathers feuds and they have history themselves with the legacy. Both guys are good in the ring and I believe Ted could be great on the mic if given some preparation time and good material. It could push Cody to the ME and push Ted for the IC title and put Ted over as a new face. Something which is needed in the company.
  17. I'd like to see a WB vs Cena feud with the post-Nexus Barrett.

    I wouldn't exactly call that a 'dream feud' though
  18. Dominant heel Wade Barrett vs Undertaker
  19. I agree with this
  20. We're talking about a dream feud here...

    Cody and Ted is your dream feud? They already had a mini-feud last year. It was so awful.
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