Dream Match #1

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  1. Both Men have similar personas as in smaller, aggressive guys. Both have a similar finsher(s) as in the Crippler Crossface/Labelle Lock aka Yes/No Lock and The Diving Headbutt but who would win




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  2. Benoit >>>>>>>>
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  3. Daniel Bryan!
  4. NO
  5. NO
  6. NO
  7. NO
  8. Daniel Bryan :troll:
  9. YES!
  10. YES!
  11. YES!
  12. YES!
  13. Daniel Bryan.
  14. Benoit for sure.
  15. Benoit for sure,Bryan is a great wrestler and he'll better than Benoit one day but as for now Benoit >>>>> Bryan.
  16. If the marks are the people saying Daniel Bryan, why did Shadow say Benoit :O

    lol jk
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  17. benoit via roll up.

  18. :isee:
  19. Benoit wining the Rumble + making HHH tap to win the belt at Mania >>> DB will ever do.

    Sad but true DB marks
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