Dream Match #13

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  1. "Mr.Perfect" Curt Henning

  2. "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler

  1. This is the Dream match #13

    Hope you like it.

    In a battle of past vs present i like to bring 2 superstars that defy perfection

    Dolph Ziggler vs Curt Henning
    Two former Intercontinetal Champions with the strive for perfection.

    I myself cannot choose as Dolph Ziggler was a World Champion a feat never accomplished by Mr.Perfect but as a Technical Legend Henning is not one to be counted out.

    So whats your thoughts ?
  2. Even though I'm such a Ziggler mark, I had to go with Perfect
  3. Agreed but ziggler has a lot of championships to his name.
  4. That's true, but in Perfects defense, there really weren't as many titles around when he was wrestling
  5. Curt would have had world title if his body didn't give out.... They are mirror images of each others in their prime.... Double countout
  6. Sounds fair to me :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. This is an easy question. Both are awesome, but Mr perfect would win without a doubt.
  8. Right on
  9. No contest here. Love Dolph, but be isn''t.........perfect
  10. Gotta go henning.
  11. I liked Henning, but he was before my time, so I didn't get to see as much as I should probably, so my vote has to go to Ziggler only because I know him more.
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  12. Mr. Perfect. Ziggler really is like Perfect reincarnated in a lot of ways, but Henning just has something more special about him.

    As for Ziggler having more championships to his name... as already mentioned, there were not as many titles back in the day. The only singles title for him to win other than the WWF Title was the Intercontinental Title, which meant a whole hell of a lot more back then than it does today. Mr. Perfect had one of the longest IC Title reigns ever and got that reign not too long after he debuted. Rumor was he nearly main evented Wrestlemania 6 against Hogan in 1990 as well. He would have been world champion and one of the top stars in the New Generation Era but his back problems forced him into semi retirement again. Also, his vignettes when he debuted were just unique - it showed how "Perfect" he was at various tasks like playing cards, bowling, shooting hoops, throwing a football, etc. flawlessly, all as a way of showing that he's gonna display the same perfection when it comes to wrestling as well.
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