Dream Match #8

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolphbk, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Kharma

  2. Beth Phoniex

  1. Hey its me " Dolphbk " aka D-Bry, yes real nickname! First name Dillard middle name Bryant.

    Anyways just hate here comes eight ! Jk

    Today i want to take a look at 2 powerful divas to go at it


  2. I think Beth Phoenix is a bit better, and I think she would win this match.
  3. They're both great, so it's a bit hard to choose. Going with Kharma though.
  4. I went with Beth, although I'd say they're even
  5. Kharma. I don't like her nearly as much as Beth Phoenix, as a matter of fact In ever cared about her and the only times I saw her wrestle I thought she horrible but since the foundation of this dream match is strength, I think I've got to give it to Kharma here for what I hope is obvious reasons.
  6. I went Beth Phoneix. She to me was one of the best to do it.

    To be fair i've only seen a handful of kharma/amazing kong/awesome kong.

    BTW she is supposed to be returning.
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