Dream Match Finally

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Shield triple threat match finally happening with Dean as the champ. Never thought it would happen in this fashion. Love it!

    What are your thoughts? Opinions? Outcomes? etc?
  2. The fact that they put it on a show like Battleground, I don't really like since it feels like it would be better at a Summerslam or Wrestlemania.
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  3. I agree and I'm shocked that they did this. I assume that someone will interfere or something. Maybe Brock?
  4. :woo:

    Can't wait!
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  5. Hyped for it, even though I thought we would be getting it at SummerSlam.

    Either Reigns or Rollins will emerge victorious, presumably Reigns, and will probably go on to face Lesnar at SummerSlam.
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  6. It should be a good match at Battleground... I'm not one of those fans who's worried about what event it will take place on.. It could be Battleground or WrestleMania for all i care, no matter what it will be a good match.
  7. This is a dream match? It was like inevitable to happen.
  8. Guessing it'll just be Rollins vs Ambrose now, saved by the wellness test.

    I don't mind, should've been saved for SS/something bigger.
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  9. It's still happening at Battleground.
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  10. Some matches are likely to happen, but a dream nonetheless. I've been wanting to see them fight since they first formed the shield.
  11. Like these jabronis would ever be in my dreams. Well maybe Reigns :gusta:
  12. here you go
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  13. Seeing Reigns in traditional ring gear makes me appreciate the bullet-proof vest and cargo pants.
  14. Summerslam doesn't need that match. It draws on its own, in WWE's eyes it's a waste to not blow it off at Battleground... Still I'd expect some finish to build to a rematch :emoji_grin:

    ...Although with the big news today...
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  15. I think the 3 of them are gonna get split up for the draft and that's why they are doing it at Battleground
  16. I think the 3 of them are gonna get split up for the draft and that's why they are doing it at Battleground
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