Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by baseballmm, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. Cena

  2. AJ

  3. Sami

  4. Kevin

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  5. Corbin

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  6. Ziggler

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  1. Ok, so Shinsuke is guaranteed to have a WWE title match at WrestleMania, and everyone is saying that AJ vs. Shinsuke for the title is THE dream match - but what is yours?

    Out of AJ, Cena, Kevin, Sami, Ziggler and Corbin, who would YOU like to see Shinsuke face 1 on 1 at WrestleMania?

    Personally Sami would be my choice. Interested to see who others choose.
  2. AJ deserves to go into Mania as champ. Aj v Nakamura is the match that has been teased the most and has the most chance of stealing the show, so it would be very weird for them to go with someone else. Plus if you are assuming that Nakamura is winning at Mania, then if Aj doesn't retain at Fastlane then you are gonna have ANOTHER short WWE title reign. Remember last year? Cena Wyatt and Orton had three embarrassingly short title reigns.

    The problem with this match is that it is very predictable (at least the rest of the card isn't). That's why I think they are gonna do a big angle to make up for it. Maybe the Undertaker returns to screw Cena. I don't know why he would. But still.
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  3. Well Styles of course...


    I do want to see Nakamura vs. Zayn Mk.II...

    Perhaps if Styles is moved to RAW in the
    draft at Backlash we may get to see that.
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  4. Sami Zayn, mainly because i love his heel work and want to see him as champ.. I have very little interest in AJ and Nakamura.. AJ is great, but Nakamura has bored me to death since joining the main roster, he's one of the main reasons i haven't tuned into Smackdown lately.
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  5. I did have a dream fued not anymore ruby riot and a kimber lee fued but kimber lee has left the WWE for good