(Dream Return?) Iconic Diva.

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  1. So i was looking on youtube saw that that WWE uploaded a video of 30 Seconds of Fury. I saw that it was one of my favorite wrestlers of all time Victoria or most known in TNA, Tara.

    Watching this video I started to think to myself, What a great addition this would be to the diva's roster, She had never gone for the Diva's title nor ever held the diva's title. I know that this thread is just wishful thinking but I would love to see a Victoria and AJ Lee Confrontation backstage.

    Or a future feud between them, If many former superstars can return, Why not throw in a diva one to.
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  2. She would be a good addition to the female roster, there's no one to challenge AJ that hasn't already had a shot.
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  3. Not to mention the dullness of it all now.

    We defaintly need something to spice up the diva's division.
  4. Waiting on a NXT diva call up. I don't care WHO it is, just do it already
  5. Agreed! New faces on the scene would be amazing!
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  6. Emma or Paige works, their dynamics with AJ could be fun.
  7. Lita! God I just loved her! All kinds of awesome.

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  8. Come on...We all really miss Trish Stratus.

    Maybe Molly Holly.
  9. Cancel that. I miss Daffney Unger.
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  10. Tara is stacking paper in a restaurant or some ish apparently. There are too many wasted divas as it is, and imo tara wasnt much to look at a year ago in tna.
  11. trish...that is all
  12. Trish vs Natayla would make me cry.

    I want it.
  13. The entire knockout's roster is a waste now.
    It's a really sad thing.
  14. Molly Holly to set AJ straight, I would mark.
  15. as long as there is assmacher and Gail Kim is see no issue. Lai'd tapa is dope too imo. Im talking about the dogshit divas roster.
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  16. Lei'd's a beast.

    And i agree. The Diva's Roster need's a big boot up the ass.
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