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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Butters!, Mar 30, 2014.

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  1. It has always been on my mind what if Mickie James were to return.
    What would be her role? Granted Mickie James is one of the most decorated Women's Champions of all time
    but her stuff got repetitive as the times grew on.

    So I've thought about it and i've discussed this with many users.
    What if Mickie James were to return as Sister Abigail,

    Granted Sister Abigail is dead but however so Is Bray Wyatt.

    Have we also seen a demon diva before? (No Eva Marie Jokes.)

    Yet again this is just an idea I have thought in my head as Mickie James has openly stated she would love to return to the WWE ring and it has intrigued me as how would she be portrayed in today's WWE ring.


  2. Not interested imo. I can't see Mickey James being Sister Abigail, and it would be way too abrupt especially considering how Mickey hasn't been in WWE for 4 years.
  3. That's understandable. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. Although I really like the idea, I'd prefer if they used one of the current Divas on the roster as Sister Abigail. There's so much unused talent that it would make sense to help build up someone else like they did with AJ back in 2012 with her own storyline. If they developed each Diva like they did with AJ several years ago we'd most likely have a stronger division. One of the issues among many is that the female characters have no dimension and aren't given any screentime, so it's no wonder that a lot of the WWE Universe isn't interested. If the WWE does decide to bring Sister Abigail into the picture, I certainly hope it's one of the current members of the Divas roster.
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  5. 100% Agreed. Who do you think could play as Sister Abigail?
  6. Off of the current roster I think Tamina could handle it, but I also think Paige could fit in well if they wanted to stick with bringing up someone from NXT.
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  7. There are two issues I see with bringing someone in to play Sister Abigail. The Wyatt family becomes too crowded and everyone will suffer from decreasing spotlight. Second, WWE has to find a diva that can pull off hanging with the Wyatt's, we're talking look, promo and mannerisms, the whole 9 yards essentially. If that is not achieved, she will stick out like a sore thumb and she will take the audience out of every promo by being so offsetting.

    Now, if there is a woman alive that can hang with the Wyatt's and slither in to the group without taking away from the boys, then by all means, fire away.
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  8. Mickie James actually just did a match recently I believe for the IWF Breaking Ground show on Saturday.
    I don't know if anyone would really care to see her return to be honest, might as well save as much money as possible and use the cheapest Divas available to fill that roster.
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  9. Nice response! Is there any female wrestler that you think could stand with the wyatt's?
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  10. Will this be leaked by the way? :emoji_slight_smile: I would like to see her back in action.
  11. Any idea that makes sister Abigail a real character is a bad idea.
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  12. Came to say this.
  13. I agree with others that Sister Abigail should remain a shrouded mystery, or some kind of symbolism in Wyatt's head rather than be revealed as a real person. And I don't think Mickie James has the acting chops to pull off being a member of the Wyatt Family anyhow. I know she played a crazy psycho stalker fan-type of person in her feud with Trish back in the day, but I thought she was terrible then, too.
  14. I'd be down if she came in and had a run with Harper and Rowan becoming infatuated and fighting over her, but not at all Sister Abigail. She was great to watch in TNA and I see no reason she wouldn't be good still in the WWE - but 14 divas is about 8 too many already IMO.
  15. Honestly, I don't. No diva within WWE could come close to being able to pull off being a Wyatt. Keeping Sister Abigail as a name and not a person would be the best route, I just don't see how anyone could add to the group by playing that role.
  16. Micke's butt would definitely get me to tune in on Mondays :gusta:
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  17. This is truth.

    As for a place for Mickie James, let me clear off a spot (wipes off mouth)....okay, got one ready.

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  18. I actually thought Kaitlyn would have been a good fit before she left. She had that poor man's ODB kind of look to her that along with her just not fitting in anywhere else made her seem like someone who could just fall right into a role within the Wyatt Family. Something like that might have helped her get over well too. But we'll never know now.
  19. I think Sister Abigail should be left as a myth. Purely because the dynamics of the Wyatts work incredibly well as they are and adding another body to that could potentially screw that up.
  20. "Sister Abby is a mystery,
    a dead girl no one should see,
    Let's just keep her in history."
    - Motorhead
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