WrestleMania Dream Road to WrestleMania Scenario!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. We all know WM29 will end up being like any other WM, nothing especia, but what do you guys want to see on the road to WM?

    What is your dream road to WM?

    Mine is:

    TLC 2012:

    -Sheamus VS Big Show surprisingly opens the Show, Big Show dominates the match but in the end Sheamus hits the White noise on a steel chair for the win...
    - As Sheamus celebrates his title win, Mark Henry returns and hits the Worlds strongest slam on Sheamus on a steel chair...
    - Dolph music hits, he come down the ramp and cash in his MITB briefcase on the unconscious Sheamus for the win.
    - After the match and in the middle of the show, we see a segment where Dolph is holding the title backstage and tells Vickie how the ladder match should be cancelled as there this no briefcase on the line now....
    -Vickie is about to accept as we see Vince walk in and tells Vickie to be creative and take advantage of the earlier cash in, and as always he tricks her into deciding that the ladder match will now be for the WH title instead of the MITB briefcase.
    - In the TLC 6 man tag match, Ryback and team hell no will dominate , and towards the end, we witness the unexpected debut of Kassious Ohno and Bray Wyatt, who both joins the shield and help them get the win...
    - Dolph Ziggler wins CLEAN in the ladder match.

    Royal Rumble 2013

    - Fatal 4 way match for the WH title, Dolph vs Show vs sheamus with Dolph vs Henry stealing the victory and retaining the championship...
    - Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble Match, during the match we see the shield eliminate Ryback after a collective effort, the last 2 in the ring are Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan...
    - CM Punk beats The Rock to retain the title after Brock Lesner interference to cost Rock the match...
    - Team Hell No lose the Tag Team titles to Rhodes Scholars.

    Elimination Chamber 2013:

    - CM Punk retains in the Raw EC match after help from the shield..
    - Ziggler retains in the SmackDown EC match, the last 3 men are Ziggler, Ryback and Orton
    - Ryback will eliminate Orton, Orton then goes nuts and attacks Ryback from behind marking his heel turn before punting his head leaving him unconscious for Dolph to get the pin and the win.
    - Daniel Bryan beats Kane


    - Undertaker Vs Cena with taker going 21-0
    - Brock VS Rock with Brock going over.
    - Triple threat match for the WH title, Dolph Ziggler VS Ryback VS Randy Orton.
    - Team WWE (Triple H, Sheamus, Kane, Kofi Kingeston & The Miz) VS Team The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kassius Ohno & Bray Wyatt) in a 5 on 5 Elimination Tag team match, with Shield going over.
    - CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan in 60 minutes Iron man match for the WWE Championship , which I won't really care who wins as we will get the best 60 minutes of our lives.

    What do you think?

    Whats your dream Road to WM?
  3. I'll give my quick thoughts on yours before doing my own . . .

    I. I'm against the idea of adding anyone else to The Shield. The fact of the matter is, all it's doing is diluting the team, you have five members in The Shield and you now are having them share mic time between five different people. Granted Roman isn't Mr. Talkative but still, you're just giving them less mic time and less time to make a presence as an individual rather than in a time. My favorite thing about The Shield is they are all shown to be completely individual personalities yet uniform together, the more added the harder that is to maintain.

    II. Reword the Fatal Four Way at the Rumble. "- Fatal 4 way match for the WH title, Dolph vs Show vs sheamus with Dolph vs Henry stealing the victory and retaining the championship..." or at least explain to me what that means. I know Dolph retains, does this mean that he gets the fall over Henry?

    III. Granted your just doing PPVs so it's kind of understandable, but the overall lack of John Cena after TLC made his match against Taker come off as quite a surprise.

    IV. I've said it before (maybe not on this site, but I have said it), I'm against Rock & Brock facing each other on Mania. I'd rather have two big matches than just one, you know? Especially when the one is something I've seen before and can't imagine them topping.

    That's more or less my negative thoughts. There are other minor things but for the most part, I like or don't have a problem with any of your booking here. Okay, as for mine, I'm only going to be presenting one of my many ideas as I do have plenty.

    ~ What you've posted in accordance to Dolph Ziggler role with several differences. being that Sheamus would not win beforehand. I understand why you'd book it like that, since Sheamus is the face and all, but I hate five minute reigns so I'd avoid that. Henry probably would return and attack both too, not just one. Also, The Shield will get involve with the main event, distracting Cena and beginning to do damage but Ryback will come out to the aid of Cena (Note: this match will take place after the tag one). Cena manages to climb in time to stop Dolph from unhooking the belt. Dolph manages to win the tug of war at the top and still wins, relatively cleanly.
    ~ The Shield vs. Team Hell No & Ryback will be relatively even in the beginning. Switching on and off between who's dominating but it mostly going to Team Hell No & Ryback. Until something causes a bit of a ripple between Kane & Bryan, this allows The Shield to be able to focus all their attention on Ryback, leading to them powerbombin' him from inside of the ring to the outside through a table. Team Hell No would stop arguing around the time they notice this but are too late to stop it. As they've incapacitated Ryback, this becomes a two-on-three handicap match so needless to say, The Shield dominate for the whole match minus some very brief moments of Bryan or Kane starting to get the advantage. For the finish, Ryback will return and act as the equalizer, making it appear as they'll be getting the victory. However The Shield are able to rebound and knock Ryback out of the ring, with Roman focusing on him until he's down, while Rollins & Ambrose target what's left of Team Hell No. Ambrose get's the pin on either Kane or Bryan (doesn't matter) soon after this to secure their victory.

    Royal Rumble
    ~ Again, stealing your idea for Dolph.
    ~ Also stealing your idea, Team Hell No loses the Tag Titles to Rhodes Scholars.
    ~ Ryback wins the Royal Rumble, which comes down to Ryback & John Cena. Ryback wastes no time and announces he'll be facing the WWE Champion.
    ~ Near the end of Punk/Rock the referee gets knocked out, after that Rock hits Punk with the Rock Bottom and instinctively covers but of course nothing happens. The Shield eventually come out but Rock is able to fend them off. However, after his first punch on Ambrose knocks him down, instead of returning to his feet he rolls out of the ring. Rock's attention remain on Rollins & Reigns though. When he turns around, Ambrose hits him with a sick chair shot. Then they hit their aided powerbomb on Rock before leaving the ring. Punk covers The Rock and the ref manages to get up around this time however Rock kicks out right before the [delayed due to injury] three count. Punk then hits the GTS to get the win.

    In the build for Elimination Chamber
    ~ Cena will open a Raw mentioning the statistic of how the person who is always eliminated last in the Rumble winds up with a title match anyway plus the fact that The Shield interfered in his match, he's throwing his name out there to face for the World Heavyweight Championship at Mania. The Rock interrupts, brings up how he made Cena his bitch at last years Mania, the fact that The Shield screwed him and if anyone should get a title match, it shouldn't be Fruity Pebbles but the People's Champion. Dolph comes out and reminds Cena that The Shield didn't do anything as Cena still got to the top and this isn't some stupid middle school race, the WWE doesn't hand out awards for simply participating, you have to actually win to get a title shot. He then targets The Rock, who he said shouldn't even be taking shots away from the people who day in and day out for years trying to get a title match but never can because the tooth fairy decided he suddenly wants to make wrestling his little hobby again spitting on the face of people like him who not only have the passion to make this their life but to steal the show every damn time. He then reminds The Rock that he kicked out of what The Shield did to him, so how exactly did the screw him? He tells them both to face the cold hard truth that The Shield didn't screw them, they just suck! This of course leads to retaliation on Rock & Cena's part but The Shield interfere on Dolph's behalf allowing him to escape while Ryback aids Rock & Cena. They clear the ring of The Shield (i.e. The Shield leaves when they see Ryback coming). Ryback then tells both Mania is still awhile away, and The Shield are still running a muck and suggests that he's still hungry and knows what he'll be doing at the Chamber. This eventually leads to a six man tag being announced. In the build, Ziggler will continue to not only focus on his chamber but on Cena/Rock. like Ziggler vs. Cena on Raw culminates on Ziggler leaving the ring and The Rock comes out to make sure he doesn't leave. Ziggler then slaps The Rock, causing him to hit Ziggles and getting Cena disqualified, among others. As well, as Rock constantly mentioning him defeating Cena at Mania.

    Elimination Chamber
    ~ CM Punk wins his Chamber. During his Chamber, Kane & Bryan got in each others way a lot but neither eliminated each other. Instead Punk and somebody else to advantage of their feuding and eliminated Kane & Bryan closely next to each other.
    ~ Dolph wins his Chamber as well. Sheamus eliminated three out of the six people in the Chamber.
    ~ Triple H makes an appearance and talks about his career and Lesnar and some bs epiphany he had and re-challenges Brock to a match. Brock appears and re-injures Triple H's arm. The moral of this segment is Trips never learns.
    ~ The Shield defeat The Rock, John Cena, & Ryback when John Cena hits an AA on The Rock allowing Ambrose to secure the pin fall. Before this point, the hostility between Rock & Cena was made crystal clear, like with slap tags.

    In the build to WrestleMania
    ~ The second week of Undertaker's return during his entrance The Shield attack him from behind. The continue to assault him from the ramp to the announce table, ending in their aided powerbomb through the table. The third week is where they announce what Taker did what was wrong during the first week. What was that? I don't know, maybe interrupting a match to challenge someone at Mania. Maybe the audacity of doing nothing for the whole year yet assuming he can just waltz in and get a match because how popular he is. Actually that works, since Rollins mentioned in the interview that WWE can be a popularity contest and that's wrong. They can also mention plenty of wrongs Taker has done in the past. Taker's bell start to ring and then everything goes to black. When the lights are back on, only Taker is in the ring, and The Shield have left. The Shield taunt Taker, saying that they've seen through the smoke and mirrors, and that all those tricks that worked so well for him for the past two decades aren't going to working on The Shield. Keep booking it in similar fashion to that, The Shield not working for Taker's tricks and Taker beatdowns galore.
    ~ Brock & Heyman gloat over what they've done to Triple H, and how downright idiotic Triple H was to even challenge Brock. Trips comes out and mentions that they were right, it wasn't his smartest moment. However he will have his revenge, because their is a wrestler on the roster that reminds him of himself, a wrestler that has the third longest reign as World Heavyweight Champion, a wrestler that made his impact in the Chamber, a wrestler who's better himself, and wrestler that loves to fight; cue Sheamus entrance and brawl with Lesnar.
    ~ Randy Orton starts a feud with Antonio Cesaro for the United States title.

    WrestleMania XXIX
    ~ Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio; Respect angle, with Cara winning.
    ~ Daniel Bryan vs. Kane; with Daniel Bryan probably winning.
    ~ Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro for the US Title; with Cesaro winning. Perhaps a cool RKO to Uppercut reversal?
    ~ Eve Torres vs. AJ for the Diva's Title; forgot to mention this one, imagine a steady build for AJ getting back into the title picture while Eve blows throw her opponents. AJ can win a number one contender's match at the Rumble, and then face Eve in a tag team match in which she gets the pin fall victory over Eve. Making Eve much more aggressive and prepared. Now obviously this is me, so Eve wins but I understand story-wise AJ's probably a smarter bet, I just don't care.
    ~ Brock Lesnar vs. Sheamus; with Sheamus winning. Triple H get's his revenge but we're not relegated to witness a match that already happened (I need to see that match). I'm not opposed to Lesnar winning either depending if we got him signed to more dates. Also, Heyman is taking out of commission during this match. This is important for the Ryback/Punk match later.
    ~ Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena vs. The Rock for the WHC; with Dolph winning, pinning Cena. It doesn't really matter to me who takes the fall, but considering Rock took the fall at Chamber, it's only fair.
    ~ The Shield vs. The Undertaker, no DQ; Taker wins obviously. But it'll be a hell of a mountain for him to climb.
    ~ Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title; Ryback wins.

    Again, only one of my many ideas, but it's the one I'm most in favor of as of this posting.
  4. Bugger why do some people have to be so smart all the time?
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