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  1. What's the weirdest/scariest/most random dream you have had? Thought it would be quite funny seeing some of them.

    I had one the other night that consisted of my family and I - along with a few randoms, getting caught by the police trafficking cocaine.. WTF?

    Anyone else had any as strange as this?
  2. Once I a weird one. I was in a concrete big room, with a group of people I didn't know.
    And there was a big hole in the middle with fire in it. People were jumping in it just to get out of that room.
    After a while I decided to jump aswell, because it was really scary over there. So I jumped, didn't feel anything, and I was standing in front of a friend's house with nothing but wearing white underwear.
  3. Dreamt I was a spider once who lived among scorpions. They didn't accept me as one of their own so they slaughtered me.
  4. one time i dreamt I was a princess.
  5. Cool story Mike.
  6. Go play with your imaginary girl you ramble on about in Skype who always has an excuse not to see you.
  7. Apparently my friend had a dream recently where me, him, a bunch of other "mates", and Snoop Dogg were all hanging out at Six Flags Amusement Park. Everyone was staring at us because of the abnormally tall black guy following us, but they didn't know who he was. :\ I told him it was pretty strange.
  8. Being in Hell. Was watching Supernatural and reading Dante at that time.

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    it'll come true. <.<
  9. I've had a dream that there was an earthquake happening and when I came to I was standing pushing my wardrobe back against the wall with my ex gf staring at me like a freak as I'd been screaming bout it falling down on her whilst I was sleepwalking.
  10. I am a princess
  11. One time I had a dream that my cat had rabies and I killed her by stabbing her a bunch of times with a kitchen knife, sort of like Old Yeller.
  12. i dreamed about getting on this site and it got hacked by J cena
  13. Pretty crazy rite there haha!
  14. Is it wrong that I read that in Booker's voice?
  15. Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!

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