News Dressed as a banana Macho Man, Drake Maverick searches for R-Truth

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Really thought Drake Maverick was going to start singing Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Where is Maverick at? Oh, just at Comic Con in San Diego hunting down R-Truth. With Raw being held in New York and SmackDown in Massachusetts, it makes complete sense that Maverick would fly to California in search of the 24/7 title.

Carmella and Truth did hatch a plan to hide out at Comic Con on Tuesday night. No word if Truth is even in San Diego or if he just threw Mavs for a 3,000 mile pump fake.

Donning his best banana Macho Man costume, Maverick tried to crash WWE and Mattel’s panel in pursuit of R-Truth.

Looks like Maverick may be as good of 24/7 title contender as he is a husband.

Comic-Con runs through Sunday, so maybe Drake Maverick’s cross country chase of R-Truth won’t be for nothing.

Stay tuned to for all of your up to the minute 24/7 title updates.

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