Drew Galloway Wants You To #ShowYourIMPACT

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, May 31, 2015.

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    When Drew Galloway started in IMPACT WRESTLING, he had a simple message, to “#StandUp for Wrestling” now Drew has enlisted his fellow IMPACT Wrestlers, Knockouts and you the fans to #StandUp and #ShowYourIMPACT ! Drew will lead the charge, but everyone will be jumping on board. We need your support and we need your passion to #ShowYourIMPACT ! We will be seeing your faces and interacting with you like never before! Stay tuned for more.

    #ShowYourIMPACT Tweets Impact Wrestling is excited to move to Wednesday nights on Destination America starting Wednesday, June 3rd. Don’t miss a second of the action, every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central. This move will allow those suffering a midweek meltdown to channel their energy through the amazing athletes of IMPACT WRESTLING!

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