Drew Macintyre deserves better

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  1. It saddens me to see his in this role.
    He had so much promise...

    Sure its still cool that he is on TV every week now. But we need more from him.
    Him and slater to be honest.
    Jinder can just go away......
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  2. you wouldn't happen to be Scottish would you?
  3. Drew may never realize whatever potential he has. I picture him like a 5 tool player in sports that is too lazy to improve himself and thinks he can get by just on his potential alone. I mean, a guy his size using a double arm DDT as a finisher? That is just pathetic. And in all these years he has yet to show any improvement? I jumped off the McIntyre bandwagon years ago. His career in WWE has come and gone imo.
    Slater is the real talent in 3MB.
  4. I think Drew can make a good midcarder. I'm not too bothered with him being a jobber, he could be a bit higher up the card but he isn't that great.
  5. I'm Canadian dolph
  6. I was on my phone and didn't see your sig. didn't recognize your faggy username
  7. 3MB should just disband and go solo. Hopefully this time WWE won't fuck Drew's character up.
  8. It's my gamertag on Xbox.
  9. ive never liked drew...fuck em
  10. Anyone notice he spelled Drew's last name wrong in the title? XD
  11. Slater deserves it more, dude has paid dues all day and then some.
  12. They all deserve better. You can't hinder Jinder. Can't hate Slate. Drew is also awesome.
  13. You spelled his name wrong.

  14. I agree, the best WE can do is learn to spell his last name properly.
  15. The one thing I really liked about Drew was his entrance theme.
  16. IT depends. I don't think he deserves the rocket to the main event, but I think he does make a solid midcard worker. I don't think they should revert back to his Chosen One gimmick, I think they need to give him a fresh gimmick. He's a solid in ring worker, and he improved on the mic just a bit, not to mention he has a pretty good look too. I just don't see him as a future WWE champion though, maybe a World Heavyweight champion if they decide to keep the two belts, but I highly doubt so.
  17. oh fa sho. Slater >>> Drew Mac

    we still want Slater for IC Champ and when I say we I mean fucking all of us.
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  18. he earned it, dude lost to SGT slaughter last year ffs. That dude walks like he just ate too much Chinese food 2 hours ago.
  19. I blame his wife
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